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Writing is one of the most fulfilling careers available. Particularly if you are a writer who genuinely enjoys it, however, it cannot be denied that not everyone is certain. It can be quite intimidating for beginners to look for freelance content writing jobs.

You’ll frequently wonder how you’re going to get your foot in the door. Additionally, you will frequently doubt yourself. How can you increase your chances of success sooner rather than later? How does one earn a living from freelancing?

Getting Started

It is just as important for freelance writers to maintain a portfolio as it is for job applicants to have a resume. In order to find freelance content writing jobs as a beginner, you should prepare as follows:

1) A personal blog: Your blog can double as your portfolio. It is the simplest and most effective method of developing your brand and showcasing your abilities. It’s even more valuable for beginners, as a portfolio will include your blog posts even if you haven’t published anything yet. Additionally, the blog should include a brief overview of yourself and your abilities.

2) Niche: Identify your areas of expertise and create a body of work centered on them. It is always preferable to excel at something than to be mediocre at everything. Determine the area on which you wish to concentrate your efforts and devote your energy there.

3) SEO and copywriting skills: Improving your SEO and copywriting skills are critical to becoming a successful freelancer. Investigating short courses or online study materials to improve one’s SEO proficiency is an excellent way to increase one’s chances of finding freelance writer jobs for beginners.

4) Courage: Putting yourself out there and pitching to companies is not easy. You will experience feelings of insecurity and intimidation. There will undoubtedly be obstacles and criticisms. However, if you learn to persevere, your pitching, promotion, and growth will all improve.

5) Consistency & Time: As with any other endeavor, patience is the most critical quality that a beginner seeking freelancing work must possess. You will succeed only if you learn from your mistakes, adapt constantly, and never give up. All of this takes time and perseverance.

And once you’ve met all of these requirements, you can proceed to the next step of locating suitable jobs.

Freelance websites such as provide independent platform for freelance writers like ghostwriters, essay writers, copywriters, technical writers etc. in connecting with potential employers. They may specialize in general freelance content writing services.

Guest blogging on other blogs will enable you to build a larger portfolio of your writing. It is easier for a client to trust you to carry out this function consistently, owing to your diverse body of work.

While some pay for guest posts, getting your posts accepted is much more difficult, especially for a beginner. Alternatively, free guest posting opportunities are easier to secure and more likely to be accepted. So, for beginners seeking freelance writing jobs, the process of establishing a portfolio becomes much easier.


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