Get Full Body Massage Therapy in Delhi: Sawadhee

If you’re looking for the best Massage Centre In South Delhi, luxury spa resorts near Delhi and time is your constraint, then this option is perfect for you as you will not be required to travel for hours to reach your wellness destination. This property boasts of an incredible luxury spa. The music, setting and of course the treatments will transfer you to a tranquil state that’s much needed for a healthy life.


Wellness at Sawadhee encompasses every element – design, service, experts, and a bespoke menu of treatments. Our internationally trained therapists weave magic on your body to rejuvenate and heal your muscles keeping in mind each body type and needs. Oils used are essential to recover, containing ingredients like safflower, camphor and eucalyptus known to relieve and heal the body. Maintaining an optimal level of wellness is crucial to live a meaningful and higher quality of life.

The Sawadhee Spa offers confinement, peace and an extensive variety of treatments varying from ayurvedic to universal. Over and above that, there are eight open private rooms that incorporate steam, shower, bath, and day informal lodging tables. Separate male and female hammams with dive pools of differing temperatures help disperse the rigors of exhaustion. At Here, get Full body Massage therapy in Delhi.

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