Get Involved With the Romance of Italy in the Promotore in Venice

Authentic Italian cuisine, the Promotore di Pruvit in Venice is famous for its exceptional seafood dishes and its impressive wine list. A popular haunt of celebrities and royalty, the Promotore continues to live up to its first descriptions as the “custodian of the wine.”

Situated on Hotel Uomo’s mezzanine level, the Promotore provides a lot more than fine dining. Under the dark ceiling light of the Casa Brunton, guests can sip their drink at night. This cozy inside boasts a lovely and stylish fireplace. Rooms are furnished with plush beds and potted trees, providing the ultimate in luxury to guests at a cost that was easy on the pocket.

In keeping with the ambiance of the building, the decor of the Promotore is complemented by a range of antiques and antiques from many Italian artists, such as Salvatore Russo’s work. Other popular Italian art works include hand painted art from Michelangelo and Gian Lorenzo Bernini.

The Promotore also offers a selection of Luxury suites in the form of A Della Sera, Paris Retzia, Ate-Nuovo, and A-Vega. Atop the building’s final floor, you will find Spagna, a five-star hotel, complete with fabulous cuisine and a wine collection. Guests can savor breakfasts such as pain and cinnamon buns or indulge in fine wines from around the world.

To complement the enchanting and opulent atmosphere of the resort, a luxurious floor of the Promotore features a Louis XIV-inspired bar, a pool table, and a black diamond chandelier. The “Opera Room” features a modern lounge and an enormous portrait of Cleopatra by Paul Rosenberg.

Hotel Promotore de Bueno has an excellent reputation among the many premier resorts in the vicinity and is a great foundation for further exploration of the city. Sprawling across acres, it’s located in the heart of the luxury district of Venice.

With its comfortable accommodations and trendy environment, the Promotore has been rated among the top five hotels in the world. It is a luxurious haven where guests may enjoy their time off with a glass of wine in the dazzling and elegant atmosphere of this Promotore. Here, you can be assured of comfort, quality, and comfort.

For people who have made the commitment to taking their first steps the Promotore in Venice has something to offer. As you embark on your first honeymoon, the Promotore will give you and your partner the luxury of an exotic honeymoon that will keep you enthralled for years to come.


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