Get More Connected With Your Remote Employees

Are you an employer and feeling disconnected from your remote employees? Do you want to make your employees feel more connected while working from home? Stay here. This article includes 10 tips to get connected with your remote employees.

Working remotely is advantageous for both employers and employees. If we talk about perks and benefits of employees in remote working, they are able to save the money they spend while working from the office. For example, they don’t spend their money on food and accommodation while working from home.

On the other hand, employers also save money in many ways. They don’t need to spend money on office expenses like employees’ snacks, electricity bills, etc. Moreover, let’s see the tips to get more connected with employees working remotely. Employees can also benefit from these tips to feel more connected with their employers.

10 tips to get more connected with your remote employees

1. Start an open line of communication

If you want to get more connected with your employees, you will need to start an open line of communication for your employees. This type of communication allows your employees to feel more connected by letting them connect with the company whenever they want. Schedule video conferencing meetings and allow them to raise any query regarding working from home.

2. Provide your valuable feedback honestly

This is also a great way to increase engagement with remote employees. You can get more connected to them by providing regular feedback for their job. Your feedback makes them feel proud of the task they have completed. Using the feedback, they perform better by working on their underperforming areas.

3. Take advantage of collaboration tools

Use collaboration tools like instant messaging services, team collaboration software, cloud-based services, etc. These tools and services allow your employees to communicate easily with team members. Slack is one of the best instant messaging services you can use in your organization. If we talk about team collaboration software, you can go with Zoho Connect. Cloud-based services like Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive let your employees save their data on the cloud.

4. Schedule weekly video meetings

You can conduct weekly video meetings with your employees to get more connected to them. The face-to-face interaction in a video call makes your team members more connected to you. Video conferencing is the only way to interact visually with your remote employees. So, take advantage of technology and connect visually with your company’s employees.

5. Make sure you are communicating clearly

Your remote employees can misinterpret the online communications if it is not clear to them. Effective communication requires a sense of urgency, politeness, and humor. Unfortunately, all these things are not possible in online communication. So you can try from your end to make the communication as interactive as you can.

6. Provide some flexibility to your employees

While working from home, your employees have other responsibilities like taking care of family and children apart from office jobs. So you should allow for some flexible working arrangements. Let them set their own working hours so they can take care of their family responsibilities. If you provide freedom to choose working hours, it will benefit your business in many ways. They are able to lead a successful life as a work from home professionals. Also, they can make required changes in their personal lives.

These things make your employees happy, resulting in them being more productive towards work and feeling more connected to you.

7. Establish a fun environment in the company

It is not easy to make a happy environment at work from home culture. You can easily transition an in-person work environment into fun. For example, you can celebrate the birthday of your employees. You can also offer them some snacks like pizza in the lunch hour. But when it comes to offering all these things to your employees online, it seems impossible. However, you can still try it. Here is how.

If you want to celebrate the birthday of an employee, use slack to send them a “happy birthday” message. You can also make them happy by sending some GIFs. After all, you can do many more things online with your employees.

8. Create a mentor program 

You can start a mentor program in your company. It will help employees connect to colleagues. It is most beneficial for new recruits who haven’t built any relationship with the team members. You can take a mentor, an important resource who will solve queries of new employees making them feel connected with the company. Keep in mind that your company manager is not a mentor.

9. Celebrate your team

As an employer, never lose a chance to make your employees feel proud. When you see any achievements and improvements in them, you should celebrate with them. Make your employees and co-workers feel that they are important to you and the company. Always make them feel special for your organization. By doing so, your employees will come closer to you and their productivity will also increase.

10. Plan a get together with your co-workers and employees 

At least once a year, you should plan a get-together for your remote employees. Go for a retreat every year with all your co-workers. Decide a location by asking your employees and choose a fine day to go there. It will make you more connected with all your team members and remote employees.


If you want to get more connected with your remote employees, you should try the above tips. It is beneficial to you as well as your employees. Kindly read the full article to know more.

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