Get More Referrals by Giving Clients the Opportunity to Feel Great

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to get them without spending a fortune chasing down the latest digital marketing strategies?

But avoid getting drowned out by other law firms that are all clamoring for the same client, and trying to differentiate your firm isn’t easy.

If it were, every law firm would be generating 8-figures- and you wouldn’t be reading this blog- you’d be in Fiji sipping cocktails-

Getting more cases doesn’t have to be a mystery or elusive objective. And your size or marketing budget is irrelevant.

One of the BEST and most timeless marketing strategies for any smart law firm owner is nurturing and orchestrating Referrals from existing clients.

Here’s the BIG MYTH– If I provide exceptional results for my client and they’re happy with my firm, they will automatically refer their friends and family to me whenever they need representation.

Sounds great. But it’s dead wrong.

Life gets in the way. People forget the lucrative settlement you got for them. They forget how hard you worked to resolve their liens and put more money in their pockets. They forget how many times your case managers talked with them and made time to listen to their frustrations with the legal process. They just forget – unless you take active steps to NURTURE these relationships.

The lawyers who figure this simple concept out and take systematic steps to increase their referrals will realize a steady stream of new cases every month.

Nurturing your past clients just means staying in contact with them so that you create “top of mind” awareness.

Send cards on their birthdays.

Send greeting cards at various holidays throughout the year.

Send out a short white paper or digital newsletter every month or two.

Send texts or emails periodically-

Just stay in touch. It’s that simple.

But that’s not the only way to start signing more referral cases- Where the real value is, and where the real opportunity is- and where you have a chance for actual control- is the ORCHESTRATED REFERRAL.

What is an orchestrated referral? This occurs when you ask for and receive a very specific type of referral.

Let’s go a bit deeper and get a little philosophical about referrals.

What is really going on when a client makes a Referral? The FEEL GOOD MAGIC

To start the Referral ball rolling, you must understand what and how to make or orchestrate the referral process.

You want your best clients- the ones that are your raving fans to be proactive- on the lookout for how they can refer people to you. That’s when you will really see your new case numbers start to increase without you spending a dime.

I want you to realize that the REAL reason people refer others is not as a favor to you. Nope. Not at all. The real reason that people make a referral in the first place is to make themselves feel good.

No one is referring anyone to you as a favor to you.

Surprisingly, this simple concept is something that lots of lawyers struggle with. Many lawyers are reluctant to ask for referrals because they perceive it as asking for help from someone else.

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