Get On-Board Into The Real-Estate Industry With Zillow Like App Development


The current pandemic has disrupted every business sector globally, and the real estate business is no exception to this. But, thanks to on-demand apps, which comes as a savior in letting businesses finding ways to get back on the tracks. Zillow clone app provides an online platform that connects real estate agents/service providers with the Users.

The Zillow Clone Scripts Can Hugely Benefit:

  • Startup entrepreneurs who are looking to launch their real estate app in a short time
  • Those who wish to establish their business in the on-demand market
  • Real estate agents & Builders

For people who have made up their minds to venture into this lucrative real-estate industry silo, the following description is especially for you to enhance your business.

What Are The Noteworthy Features You Can Consider Having In Your App?

  • Access to highly knowledgeable and certified real estate brokers who have a thorough knowledge of the trends of the industry. 
  • A home loan disbursal facility benefiting those buyers and sellers who face issues in affordability. 
  • An advanced search and filter option for the users to discover a wide variety of commercial and residential properties based on factors like price, location, and amenities. 
  • Easy execution of online payments through debit cards, credit cards, e-wallets, and bank transfers. 
  • Round-the-clock technical support in numerous languages through phone and chat facilities. 
  • An integrated rating and review system for property buyers and sellers to share their feedback.

What Are The Ways Of Generating Revenue With The Zillow Clone?

  • Commission for each purchase or sale of the property on the Zillow platform. It is imposed either as a fixed percentage or depending on the value of the property in the current market conditions. 
  • Listing charges from real estate agents for providing their services on Zillow. This ensures greater visibility of the property listings. 
  • Third-party advertising content is displayed on the real estate platform. Income is earned based on the number of visits and clicks. 

What are you waiting for? Partner with our TurnkeyTown app development team and make the most of what the real estate industry has to offer.

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