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Are you getting involved in the construction work but don’t have machinery? Don’t worry Dayim rentals are here to help you out in getting the construction machinery with a lot of ease. If you do not frequently indulge in the construction works and work according to the projects then there is no use in buying these big and expensive machinery.


These big machines used in Construction work increase lots of costs as it requires proper maintenance, a place to keep, and much more. For avoiding all these kinds of chores you can rent these machinery. The company will provide you with the machines with a lot of ease and at the place where you want it to be this will help you in cutting down a lot of costs that arise due to the transportation of the machinery. The company offers a wide range of machinery. Some of them will be discussed below.


Telescopic boom lifts rentals

Telescopic boom lifts are also known as straight or stick booms; they are used to get extended straight with great horizontal reach. These types of telescopic boom lifts rentals are done by the industrial, construction, painting, and facility management industries. This is one of the most commonly used lifts which is helpful in doing and managing the work at the heights.


Telescopic boom lift rentals are very beneficial and also cost-efficient as it allows quick extension of boom and offers extended outreach. Telescopic booms have active oscillating axles and four-wheel drive, ensuring maximum terrain ability and traction. These telescopic boom lifts are available with the two facilities; they can be diesel-powered engines as well as electric-powered engines. You can choose the best one according to your requirements.



Tower lights rental

Tower lights preconfigured and pre assembled multi-segment LED tower light indicators have been replaced with the conventional stack lights, which require complex wiring and consuming assembly. Various tower light models result in customized solutions, that also include the choice of ac or dc supply power, three audible output options, high light or standard intensities, and quick-disconnect or pre-wired options. You can get the tower lights rental as they are very useful at the site of construction. Prop series tower lights allow the users to configure rotation, color, flashing, and light intensity.


Welding machine for rent

One of the most commonly used machines at the construction site. This covers a process that is like a welding machine used to supply the power for creating and maintaining electricity between the base metal and an electrode to melt the metals at the welding point. The welding machines can use either alternating current or Direct current, and consumable and non-consumable electrodes.


You can get this welding machine for rent from Dayim rentals at a very affordable price and a lot of ease. Also this machine will be very cost-efficient for you.


Backhoe loader for rent

Looking for the backhoe loader for rent from Dayim rentals, that company offers a wide range of construction equipment at rent for the ease of people and saving their money from buying the construction machinery as they are very costly.


The backhoe loader is a very heavy construction equipment that consists of a tractor-like unit that is fitted with a loader style bucket/shovel on the front and backhoe at the back. These are efficient working machinery that can be used at different places and in different sizes.


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We are the leading provider of construction equipment that is helping out people by decreasing their construction costs by reducing the cost of purchasing expensive construction equipment.


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