Get proper guidance on divorce tax attorney with Kreig LLC

Not surprisingly, divorce is a complex and critical phase in anyone’s life. A person who faces has a lot more in their mind because a bounded relationship ends and every ending is painful. Keeping all your emotions aside, you have to deal with complex tax and property issues. Besides child care expenses can often be used as a deduction on the custodial parent taxes.


Divorcing spouses must evaluate all the liquid and non liquid assets in the marital estate. Liquid assets include cash, CDs, stocks, saving accounts, etc. Whereas non liquid assets are real estate, retirement accounts, business inventory, and others. This area of divorce is complex and detailed attention is necessary to avoid being responsible for unwanted expenses. It is common for married couples to seek the guidance of experts. Take guidance from the lawyers of Kreig LLC in HoustonOur firm has an experienced team and knows all the ins and out of the legal system. We have seen a wide array of situations, agreements, and disagreements between the two and we assure you to have a mutual agreement between you and your partner.



You know your spouse better than anyone. It helps to guide the attorney to know all the hiding assets. If you don’t know about your marital status, it’s time to find out. Talking about alimony in Houston, one party may agree to pay alimony or call spousal maintenance to the other party. This is paid every month for a predetermined time after the divorce. If the amount is taxable, then the receiving party pays federal income tax on that money. Tax attorney reviews and approves the structure of the alimony so that the recapture rules are not triggered. The best part is you don’t need to worry about handling arguments. The lawyer can speak on your behalf. Even at the court, we stand in front of you to answer all the queries from the other side.


Few common mistakes often result in a huge mess. Our divorce tax attorneys in Houston are the most experienced ones to solve your case smoothly and precisely. Our lawyers help you to find those mistakes and give you satisfactory results. Some of the common mistakes include forgetting to address debt and credit, clicking on the wrong check box, vague language, and others. If you don’t know the right information you may delay finalizing the case. We help you to give you proper guidance to clear all your misconceptions. Schedule the appointment right now and make your process easy. 


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