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So, the time has actually arrived when you are finally going to propose the man of your dreams. To nudge things in the right direction, there are several things that you should to do, from getting the most beautiful ringto booking a table in his favourite restaurant. We all hope for nothing less than a fairytale love story and surely, you may get it too. But Dear Cinderella, don’t you think that something is just not right? No, we are not talking about the ring or your Mr. Right, they are indeed perfect; we are talking about your outfit. While Cinderella had a fairy godmother who turned her gown around, your chances of that happening are quite slim. It would be great if you could find an outstanding outfit and pair it with certain accessories yourself to get an enhanced look.

Our advise is to buy a delicate and gorgeous double layer necklace to go perfectly with your sexy outfit. But, if you have never worn a double-layered necklace before, this article is going to be your ultimate saviour as we will tellyouways that you can follow to master the art of layering. So, without wasting any more time, let’s get started.

· Combine Different Necklace: The fun of layering is in combining different types of necklaces as unusual pendant shapes enhance the beauty of the outfit.

· Different Length: Of course, there is no rule to layering but you should always remember to combine necklace of different lengths because you would never want to overlap the pendants and make yourself look horrible. Therefore, use decent chain lengths so that nothing steals your thunder.

· Play with Contrasting Metals: If you want to experiment by playing safe, you are advised to mix and match different colours, metals, designs, and texture because some of the most amazing looks come from pairing all these things.

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