Get Research Proposal and Thesis Writing for PhD

A Research Proposal is a 3,000-4,000-word paper that outlines the study scholar wants to do. To be considered for a PhD post, most institutions demand that scholars to submit a research proposal. WRIRK is one of the leading Pvt Ltd in providing PHD thesis writing Services. Research proposal is first and foremost required among PHD thesis writing Services.

Importance of Research Proposal

Research Proposals are important because it explicitly explains the topic. Scholar must thus explain in full how they intend to conduct their study. Including:

• The research approach and methodology
• Feasibility and Timeliness
• Any other factors necessary for the advancement of the study, such as the availability of resources.

Using this method, you may more easily define your research question and perform it more efficiently.

Various Particulars to be included in the Research Proposal

• Title- Title of the study should be meaningful and contain variables under study
• Introduction- It includes the basic introduction regarding the title of the study.
• Need of the study- It includes or states why the study is being conducted
• Statement of the problem- It includes or highlights the problem to be targeted in the study
• Review of literature- It includes the studies of various authors being conducted in past with their findings.
• Scope of the study- It includes the future scope under the study that in future what further can be included in research.
• Research methodology- The word “research methodology” refers to a researcher’s plan for conducting a study. It’s a deliberate, logical manner of approaching a study problem.
• Bibliography- It includes the references (from where the content is being taken as a base for study).

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