Get Rid Of Baldness In 5 Ways.

Many will agree with me that hair loss is a humiliating topic that most people are unwilling to talk about. Right? And when you look around, you will see it on both men and women. Luckily for women, they can use the natural-looking wigs to cover the baldness, and you can never tell. But that can be a temporary solution as they seek treatment for this problem. Some of the therapies may include PRP for hair loss, and many more that we shall discuss in this article:

1. Platelet-rich-plasma (PRP)

In this procedure, they use a substance drawn from your blood. Then it’s injected into your scalp to help heal some bodily tissues. That includes follicles that are responsible for your hair growth. Using a centrifuge-like mechanism, a therapist extracts PRP from your blood and separates the substance to increase the concentration of specific proteins. And it is this protein that is thought to heal and boost hair regrowth. That’s how the PRP for hair loss works.

2. Finasteride & dutasteride

Although the FDA approves this hair loss treatment for men pattern baldness, some doctors are also recommending women to go for it. Some research showed that the process also helps the hair regrowth in women. However, it can be risky to be under this medication while pregnant. It can cause some congenital disabilities. Other side effects may include hot flashes and a decrease in sex drive.

3. Supplements 

Doctors will subscribe to an iron supplement for you if they discover you are experiencing hair loss. Though there appears to be no sign of it helping in the hair regrowth, iron boosts circulation as it carries oxygen to your hair’s roots. And that should help your hair grow faster. Other beneficial minerals include biotin and folic acid.

4. Minoxidil (Rogaine)

It is another product that helps restore hair loss, which comes in formulas of 2 or 5 percent. Minoxidil is an FDA approved drug in the US to help treat the baldness in men and women. And it’s best when applied on the scalp once daily for the women and twice for men. Many believe that the products in this substance help a substantial hair regrowth while slowing hair loss. One should expect to see some significant results from 6-12 months.

There’s a study done that showed that PRP for hair loss treatment is more effective than Rogaine. Although the level of platelets also determines how your plasma works.


5. Spironolactone  

It is a diuretic hair loss procedure that involves the removal of excess fluid from your body. Spironolactone blocks androgen production and is usually prescribed when other treatments like Minoxidil, doesn’t work.  

In conclusion, it is quite devastating when you lose your hair. But thanks to hair loss-treatment solutions such as Minoxidil and PRP for hair loss. It doesn’t have to be such a great stride to regrow your hair with the products and procedures shared in this article.

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