Get the best Pallet services all over USA at the best price

Pallet services in the USA are a popular service that is used to deliver various goods. Goods are placed on pallets – wooden, metal, or plastic platforms. During Pallet service transportation, the freight is fixed and shielded from harm, while keeping up with trustworthiness and show.


Pallet delivery of goods is a popular service used by trading companies. Cargo transportation of this type is needed for the delivery of goods to chain stores & the transportation of large batches of products, as well as for international transportation. You can only use the certified models but the size is regulated.


The company “Flash drive courier” performs the same-day pallet services in Washington and Idaho. While moving product, we use strong beds made of various materials. If necessary, our employees use additional fasteners: cables supporting spacers so that the cargo is not damaged in transit.

Features of pallet transportation

Plastic Pallets are bundling that guarantees the wellbeing of the merchandise and shields it from misshaping. They are lightweight, inexpensive, and reliable. The most popular are wooden platforms and metal pallets.


The cargo is fixed on the foundation of the Pallet service with stretch film – this guarantees the security of the products while driving, and shields them from unapproved access, robbery, and harm. Open the film solely after the appearance of the merchandise to the beneficiary.

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