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Perfume is a subtle yet crucial part of everyone’s lifestyle, regardless of their professions. However, it has become difficult to find scents that suit all, are exquisite – and do not leave one sneezing after its use. Lesdeux solves the problem.

Les Deux No 1 Perfume - 100 ML Eau de Parfum – Les Deux Fragrances

Have you been searching for a new scent to go with some party clothing? Or perhaps, you are gifting perfume to your loved one? Both sound like excellent ideas! Perfume is one of the best as well as the safest items to gift someone or even oneself because it is a cherished yet useful thing. However, the range of scents is confusing for many, and unfortunately for many, the most popular scents tend to be the loudest. We know! You want something subtle that will elevate your presence but won’t throw you into the spotlight. Les Deux has scents that serve exactly that purpose.

Let us tell you the simple yet luxurious scents Les Deux offers. You won’t have to search and calculate unnecessarily and can safely buy one option. When it comes to perfumes, you’ll find the online store offers two neat scents, both a customized and calculated combination of scents.No. 1 is a mix of jasmine, Brazilian rosewood, cardamom,cedarwood, and tobacco leaf. The No. 2 is a blend of saffron, marigold, amber, jasmine, sandalwood, cedarwood, and agarwood. So, choose which combination and scents suit you better and take a pic. Les Deux also offers two options in roll-on perfumes as well as soy wax candles. Check out the scents of the other four on their website and decide what product and scent work for you perfectly.


The perfumes and candles that Les Deux offers are unisex, so you needn’t worry about searching for such items with scrutiny. Also, when we say these perfumes are made for everyone, we mean it! They are vegan and cruelty-free. So, of course, you can purchase them without worry as well as gift them to anyone with a guilt-free mind. The items are perfectly safe for your body since phthalates and paraben are both removed from the perfumes.

No 1 - Roll On Perfume Oil – Les Deux Fragrances

Once you check the online store, you’ll be surprised to know how it is to shop perfumes online. Moreover, if you still find purchasing perfumes on the internet a bit skeptical, don’t worry! Les Deux has got you covered. Purchase their tiny and adorable samples that won’t even cost you more than $10. Decide the scent’s suitability for yourself and then order a bigger 50mL one or if you love it, a 100mL one!

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