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Hubble said: “He is a great tutor, excellent friend. I am very respectful to him, in my opinion, he is the best coach in this era, there is no doubt. This is the fact that it will not be by any Impact. He is a very strong person. To defeat his team, you need to be prepared, do your best. The patriot is also very good, their current achievements are what they have to be. I will be Bilchk It is my friend. “

“I am very comfortable,” Wenz said, “I know that it is still the event, but I can more focus, I will worry too much last year. Now I can understand the important part before the start of the attack. & mdash; & mdash; What is my options, what will work. I understand that these will become totally different. You will not care about the end of the Double Branch Festival. “

Carson – Wenz feels that he is progressing smoothly this year.

Beijing June 13th, the eagle quartz, the Carson Wentz, the new show, the opening of the game, the first six game won four games, eight reached, 3 times, 3 times, the real fee I have been crazy.

If the saints are really in the world, he will take a year for Bris, studying in this future celebration, studying for a season. Or the saints may also choose a defensive new show in the first round, after all, there are TAYSom Hills in their arrays.

Miki Lubis, General Manager Mickey, said there is a chance to choose successors in the first round for Bris. “I think that no matter how the team’s quad-guard configuration, you can have the opportunity to find strength for the team.” Lubis expressed his view through the official website of Saints, “We The strategy is that if in the round to our signed, the Chinese players have not been selected, we are not afraid of fear. “

Although in the US semi-finals in the United States of America, Hubble complained that Bilchk’s tactics was a “cheating”, but this obviously does not affect the relationship between the two parties. Interestingly, 7 years ago, Piltick was recommended to the crow, which helped the latter found a good job, and helped the crow to find a trustworthy coach.

“Only Andrew can determine how far we succeed because he is a magical person,” Iris said. “Only some people have magic. You know who they are. I don’t have to say their name. If he keeps healthy and returned, he can make up for many shortcomings.”

“Can he have successfully taken all the way? We have to see how Chris Ballard fill some vulnerabilities in the team, especially in the defensive group. But when you have a player It is difficult to say that he can make up for it because he is very special. You have witnessed this. “

McFadden and Cowboy have been unanimously reached 2 years contract

After losing Demarco Murray, Dallas denim chooses to supplement an old will. cheap nfl jerseys official website reporter reported that cowboy has reached an agreement with the former Auckland raid to Darren McFadden, a contract worth $ 5.85 million.

Due to this year’s new crown virus’s epidemic, the team can’t send the ball to find out the rookie or face-to-face, which makes this selection more uncertain. Saints have the first round of the 24th sign, which is hard to predict their final decision.

Saint Greed 4 points Drew Brees Next season, in the next year, but in the 2020 season, no one knows the candidate of the Saint-Division, Brisbin has not yet been determined. The year is left. Cheap Jerseys From China this point of view, it is not a long-term consideration this year.

October United States Best Secret Service Group Players: Miami Dolphus External Take / Ball Back to Attacks Jarvis Landry: Landri’s 5 times in October to attack every time Promoting the 35.6 yorkn column of League second, including 1 54 yards to attack, which helped dolphins to win 2 wins in October. The outer junction took the 31.3 yard rankings in this season, and the first 31.3 yard ranking alliance is first, according to this rhythm, he will create a history record.

The signing will not stop the cowboy to find the footsteps of running guards, and the media generally believe that McCadon is not the final choice of cowboy. There are still many running guards that can be selected by the market, and the team does not exclude the possibility of picking the running guard in the election of the draft.

However, afterwards, the situation turned sharply, Wenz’s reachable-copy is significantly increased, and the eagle that the offensive efficiency is no longer excellent, then only win 3 games. It seems that if this new show is survive in NFL, there are many things to learn.

Pony owner: The team will depend on the quarter Swan in the new season

Indianapolis Pony 4-point Wei Andrew Luck has not been passed over 6 months, but this does not stop the team boss Jim Iri (Jim Irsay) It is believed that the team’s first quarter-sanctuary will undoubtedly play a new season, which will bring unlimited possibilities for the horses in the rebuilding.

The 27-year-old McFadden has been played in a seventy season in the raid, but he has a good talent, but it is always troubled by injuries. Last season is his career in the 16th game in 16 games. Although McCadon controls its own injuries, his performance has made the team disappointment. He only squatted 534 yards all season, completed 2 times. The second half of the season chooses to use the rookie to run to the latvius murray instead of McCaden as award.

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