Get to Know Different Types of Motherboard Before Building Gaming PC

Building a gaming PC is no child’s play. You need to have a thorough understanding of different parts of the computer so that you can get maximum performance for an ultimate gaming experience. Now, when you start looking for different components to build a gaming PC, you notice more emphasis is given on parts like graphics cards, Wi-Fi routers, hard drives, SSDs, and more. But not many speak about the heart of your computer and that is the motherboard. This is the most crucial part of any computer and without it, there is no value to any other components.

A motherboard is responsible for housing the next important component of your gaming PC, namely, the processor. Moreover, your motherboard will also act as a bridge between different components, connecting them so that your whole system works perfectly. Therefore, when you are building a gaming PC it would be wise to know your motherboards. And in this article, we will give you a brief about different types of motherboards.

· ATX Motherboard: Known as Advanced Technology extended, this motherboard was launched in the 90s by Intel. Being in smaller in size as compared to AT motherboards and hence allowed interchangeability for connected parts.

· AT Motherboard: These motherboards were bigger, a few hundred millimetres, launched in the 80s. They needed a separate power unit to work.

· LPX Motherboard: The biggest difference between this and the previous motherboard was that it had the output and input sockets at the back.

· BTX Motherboard: Known as Balanced Technology motherboards, they were creating for new age computers. Although you can now use Pico BTX motherboards or Mini TX motherboards for enhanced performance.

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