Get Your Car Serviced On Weekends To Save Weekday Hassle!

Car is the most prized possession that most people hold. Keeping a four-wheeler in top-running condition takes a little bit of effort i.e., taking the vehicle to a vehicle service center once every six months if you are a heavy vehicle user and every twelve months otherwise. Car servicing weekends are gaining popularity all around, especially in Australia. Not only, these are cost-efficient, but also the servicing is completed in less time.

Does Your Car/Van Need Maintenance?

Every vehicle has a different maintenance and service interval schedule, and the owners must follow it rigorously to improve the performance and prolong the life of the vehicle. Vehicle servicing is just like your regular medical check-up, and it needs servicing as you need any treatment. Those who avoid vehicle service for a while, in a due course face unmanageable worse conditions. Therefore, keep your four-wheeler healthy and have a good time together.

Owners of four-wheelers must also be acquainted with the benefits associated with interim and full car services on a timely basis. The Van Service in Melbourne is not just fast but it also saves some bucks. You should make an appointment in advance for the servicing. We have sum-up top ten benefits of getting the car regularly serviced:

  • Safety: Your safety is important and by keeping your car in top-running condition, you can be assured that it won’t stop in the middle of anywhere, or make you late for essential events. Serviced cars will take you safely to the destination on time.
  • Smooth Engine: The engine will continue to run smoothly if you regularly get the engine oil and oil filter changed.
  • Fuel Consumption: A well-serviced and smooth-running engine will not drain extra fuel and ensure a safe and hassle-free ride. The mileage of the car will continue to remain steady over years.
  • No Overheating: Oils and coolants are added to prevent overheating of the car. The engine remains cool even after long hours of driving and ensures a smooth ride.
  • Save Time and Money: Many car owners live on a myth that car servicing is wastage of both, time and money. But the truth is that both are saved if the car is regularly maintained. Skipping timely repair and service will take a toll not only on the pocket but also on the performance of the vehicle.
  • Improved Braking: The service personnel at the service center evaluate the condition and functionality of the braking system.
  • Tire Alignment: Alignment of tires is an important part of maintenance that ensures the car remains on the right track.
  • Operation at its Best: Regular servicing of a vehicle is done to make sure that all essential components of the vehicle are in good condition and working at their best capacity. The functionality of the vehicle deteriorates over time if it is not serviced. Therefore, it must undergo periodic servicing and maintenance to prevent likely to occur faults and untimely breakdown.
  • Long Life of Car: Authorized service center can prolong your car’s life after every service.
  • Higher Resale Value: Buyers of second-hand cars often look for cars that are regularly serviced and maintained. Regular service and maintenance make sure all internal parts are functioning to their best. The good condition of the car both internally and externally increases its resale value.

Race Van & Car Accessories is a service center that provides Van Service in Melbourne. Car owners can bring their car for servicing on weekends and get personalized or comprehensive services. Our service list includes:

  • Tyre repair & service
  • Paint correction
  • Paint protection
  • Car tinting service
  • Car navigation repair
  • Car audio installation
  • Car DVD radio repair
  • Brake repair
  • Car alarm installation

You can trust us for hassle-free and convenient Van Service in Melbourne. We focus on timely car servicing, cost-effectiveness, and your peace of mind.

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