Get Your Hands on An Amazing Makeover of Your Wooden Furniture

Although people are getting more reviews about having wooden furniture for their bedrooms, living rooms, and dining area. The more graceful the wooden furniture is the more maintenance it needs. You can install your favorite piece of the item by visiting the luxury furniture stores in Dubai.

When talking about the dining tables in UAE, the wood material is the best option as it is easy to clean and transfer into your dining room. The main thing is to keep the wood polished and well coated with the protecting oils and shiners. Regular waxing or oiling is the best way to protect the wooden surface from water spills dust and food stains.

Oiling the wood helps in different ways

The oiled surface will not allow dust particles to settle down on the wood. It will help to wipe out the dirt easily with a soft cloth or duster. Secondly, the oil coating or waxing enhances the shine of your furniture and it looks brand new. Last but not the least, oiling helps the wooden surface to be protected from water spills and restrict the penetration of moisture into the wooden body.

Best oils for polishing wooden furniture

Mostly natural oils such as food-based oils are used to coat the wooden surface of home furniture. These oils include olive oil, tung oil, walnut oil, flaxseed oil, and many more. These are safe and effective to use on wood and keep the wood life longer. They will bring a unique brightness and shine over the surface without any harmful effect on the atmosphere. These oils are safe to use over wooden dining tables in UAE due to their natural and food source.

Key perks of oiling wooden furniture

  1. The most important and essential element of applying oil on the wood surface is to enhance its beauty and originality.
  2. The oil penetrates the groves and patterns of the wood and presents a stylish and natural grain and color to the furniture.
  3. Oiling can increase the overall life of your furniture because it protects the wood from harsh environmental conditions.
  4. With the help of oil, you can rejuvenate your old wooden home furniture.
  5. The main perk of oiling wooden furniture is that everyone with any professional skills can polish the furniture using oil.

Difference between oiling and waxing on wooden furniture

Whether you use an oil coating or a wax for your furniture, both have the same purpose to refresh your home look and make a shiny welcoming appearance. Both have their own qualities depending on the preference of the user. Wax coating is more reliable and long-lasting than oiling and has more resistant power to stains. On the other hand, oiling is considered to be more reasonable and economically preferred due to its minimum investment.


There is a solution to every problem in this world. The problems always come with their solutions along. If you are thinking to give your dull and boring wooden dining tables in UAE a shinier look then applies oil coating on the surface with a soft cloth. The luxury furniture stores in Dubai offers waxing and oiling services along with their package.

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