Get your robust food delivery app like UberEats clone launched with INORU.

Amidst the other businesses, the need and reach for Food delivery service has widened in all directions. Many business entrepreneurs require new strategies to implement in their food delivery app to push it to a vast audience. INORU, to overcome this dilemma, offers you the entrepreneur with advanced white label featured apps like Ubereats clone. 

Inoru in developing a Food delivery app like UberEats

INORU, with its white label solution, aids the entrepreneur in building their food delivery app with exclusive features. Here we aim at developing legit apps ensuring performability. At INORU, the clone app can be created for both Android and iOS. Bug-free codes are generated here. And we provided the utmost customization facilities that ease your Food delivery app to perform its activities.  

Revenue at food delivery apps like UberEats 

Through food delivery apps, vendors, and Admin, inclusive of the users, provide revenue-building opportunities. The UberEats clones are developed with similar functionalities at INORU.

  • The Admin yields income through commissions, host charges and in-app advertisements. 
  • On the other hand, the Vendors gain more comprehensive visibility through the food delivery app and earn through commission. The more orders placed, the increased revenue they earn. 
  • On the other hand, the users receive indirect earnings in terms of offers, deals, and discounts. And for every referral, there are new offers or vouchers released to them. 

Final verdict

To push your business standards and gain more traffic to the UberEats clone, it needs to be launched from a legit source. INORU ensures to do it for you. With these food delivery apps, it’s seamlessly easy to earn revenue, and at the same time, it’s easy to carry out your business activities from a single user-friendly interface. 

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