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Stay updated with what’s happening in your favourite celebrity or your neighbour on Twitter. Twitter is a social networking platform that helps users to get in touch with anyone on this earth who owns a Twitter account. The users can post their contents and the contents can be either in the video form, images or even texts known as tweets.

Twitter is the most recognisable social media platform and one can find anyone using this feature for networking with their peers. According to businessofapps Twitter is found to have about 340 million users in 2018. In 2019 its revenue crossed 23 billion dollars.

Turnkeytown is an app development company that specialises in replicating existing apps. It has developed a Twitter clone script that has the exact features and functionalities of the original app.

Let us look at the various benefits and features of the app

Top benefits of Twitter clone that helps in business

Gain customers

Twitter helps you create an official page for your business. It can be any business like a clothing line, restaurants etc., irrespective of the business being small scale or big industry, it will get considerable recognition and that helps to gain more customers through the app.


One can post about the most happening content that can be a scam or an unfair law passed that causes a hindrance to your smooth running of the business. The content can be posted to voice out the bad and gather people who thinks likewise and reach it globally to see a change.

Customer support and feedback

Instant feedback of the products and services can be received through the app and one can also provide customer support through the page.

Features that can be found in the Twitter clone app development

•Customized notification.

•Twitter moment

•GIF search

•Create photo collage

•Twitter cards

•Twitter list


The Twitter app has so many users posting a lot of contents on daily basis. This creates trafficking and this affects the performance and user satisfaction of the customers. The reason to invest in Twitter clone app development is to deviate those who got affected by it to use our app offered by turnkeytown and get benefitted out of it.

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