Getting A Custom Swimming Pool Denver – Design Ideas And Guide

Having a custom swimming pool hasn’t remained a business of rich people. Now, anybody can get a custom swimming pool Denver with the help of pool construction companies in Denver. All you need is to hire a reliable alone and give away the responsibility. However, before you actually hire a company to get started with the job of custom swimming pool, you must have a clear idea of the shape and design you want in your swimming pool.

Here are a few shortlisted options by experts in the industry. Go through them and realize the design of your custom swimming pool in Denver.

The shape of the pool

Oval and rectangle pools are talks of yesteryears. Nowadays, you can experiment with the shape of your choice. It could have a kidney bean shape or be designed in the Grecian style, Roman style, or Figure 8 style. So, search the latest types of pool shapes and shortlist one of them depending upon your area.

  • Water features to include 

Custom pools these days have water features for sure. You can also ask your Denver pool construction company to add a waterfall feature in your pool and make it look like a natural fountain coming down from the streams.

  • Lighting fixtures 

A pool without colorful LEDs and a lighting unit isn’t a custom-made pool at all. You can get a simple collection made up of minimal lighting, but it won’t give a millennial look which will come from multiple colored LEDs fixed underwater to enhance the fun of swimming at night. Inviting lights in swimming will also make it a perfect spot for pool parties at night.

  • Natural-looking pool

You can get your pool customized in two ways; 1) the bold and beautiful pool with defined lines, and 2) the natural-looking pool with stunning stonework. As one of the reliable and credible pool companies in Denverwe at Clear Water Ext would suggest you invest in a natural-looking pool because it is the trend now. Our experts will make it natural with stonework and cohesive landscapes. It would add a great look to your outdoor space and value to our property.

  • Selection of the tile colors

Your swimming can have any look or color of your choice. Its appearance should reflect your mood because it is you who is investing in it. So, choose any color tiles of your choice and get your pool studded with them. From emerald green to turquoise blue, you can select any color which pleases your eyes.

  • Choosing between in-ground or above ground pool

Above-ground pools are pretty easy to install, and even you can do the same for you. But in-ground pools are an arduous task to create and need professional service. However, an expert pool construction company will construct both options for you. All you have to do is finalize the one and brief the company about it.

  • Need salt water or chlorine water in your pool 

Finally, you have this last question to tackle – saltwater or chlorine water!? Well, both types of water have their merits and demerits. It is up to you to make the final decision keeping the merits of saltwater in consideration. If you have a family with kids, you would undoubtedly want no harm to them.

Once you have made up your mind about the essential elements of a custom-made pool, time now is to select the best contractor for your project. A good contractor has a better understanding of the niche you require service in.

If you have been screening Denver pool builders,  you have come across the name – Clear Water Ext. We are a professional service provider of custom pool construction in Denver.

Our USPs are:

  • We provide a quick consultation
  • Our team has skilled designers and workmen
  • Your budget is of utmost priority
  • You are given free-hand to decide the design
  • Our team is good at communication
  • We have an array of happy clients
  • We complete projects on time

With Wetworks Pool and Spa, your investment is secured. We provide you the best pool construction and maintenance services in Denver. For more information, reach us through our official website.

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