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Use a conjoined bride & groom candle or two figure candles side by side.
Carve and dress the candle(s)
Bind them with ribbons, knotting in desires and blessings
Perform a marriage ceremony over the candles, using your name and that
of your beloved.
When you have pronounced them husband and wife, burn the candle
Happy Marriage Duck Spell
Ducks are believed to mate for life. A pair of mandarin ducks serves as a lucky
charm in the hopes you will be able to emulate the devotion to each other.
These ducks epitomize faithfulness and fidelity.
Post a pair of mandarin ducks prominently in your home. Or place a matched
pair of statues somewhere strategic to radiate happiness there.
Happy Marriage Tree Spell
Surround your home with magnolia and pine trees to provide a shield to preserve
and protect your happy marriage.
Forsake the Other Woman Spell
This spell is designed to make the husband/partner forsake the ‘other woman’.
Go to a crossroads barefoot with your head uncovered and your hair loose
and undone.

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