Getting Rhinoplasty Surgery? Avoid Doing These Things

We assume that since you are getting rhinoplasty surgery, you might have read a lot of articles about things that you should do and avoid before surgery. But have you thought about the things that you must be doing and avoiding after getting surgery? Surely, your surgeon will tell you about the necessary things that you must do to speed up the recovery process. However, here we have listed a few things that you should not do following the Botox Cyprus surgery.

Sexual Activity: You might think that this point a little off but it is not. Actually, there are plastic surgeons who advise people to keep sexual activity a minimum of three weeks after the surgery. Its because it might lead to a dangerous blood clot from forming. However, you can take a light walk in your house or lawn to feel good.

Blowing Your Nose: If you have a habit of blowing your nose during allergies, you should stop doing it because it can be dangerous. You should also carry a sanitizer with you or try cleaning your hands with fresh water because not doing it might cause infection.

Wearing Glasses: If you need glasses to see properly, you might have to keep them away after getting surgery. Rather than wearing glasses, you can wear lens to see properly and to reduce the risk of anything serious.

Smoking or Drinking: Another thing that you must stop doing is smoking or drinking. Its because the nicotine in cigarettes is known for stopping blood flow.

Wearing Makeup: Make sure that you give enough time to your nose to heal before you start applying makeup.

If you think that you can do these things, find a trusted plastic surgeon to get rhinoplasty treatment. You can either ask for recommendations, do a quick online search, or can schedule an appointment with Dr. Stavros Economou.

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