Ghost of Tsushima: Every Major Armour Set and How to Acquire Them

Ghost of Tsushima is a new open-world game that is exclusively available on PlayStation 4. Throughout the game, players can access several types of items in which a variety of armors are included. Each armor in the game offers some unique bonuses to Jin. Some of the armors don’t feel important at first glance, but actually, they play a major part in the game. Every armor has its unique playstyle, and whoever wears it, knows about it. In Ghost of Tsushima, there are a total of 11 armor sets available. Some of the armor sets are easy to obtain. To get better armor, players need to put in some extra efforts.



At the beginning of the game, Jin is equipped with a “Broken Armour.” There are no benefits of this Broken Armour, but until Jin finds a better armor, he cannot take it off. However, Jin is attached to this armor a lot, because the Broken Armour reminds him of how he became the Ghost from Samurai.

Major Armour Sets in Ghost of Tsushima

Travel Attire

To obtain this attire, players simply have to talk to any merchant. On the map, several merchants can be located in survivor camps or settlements. This attire helps Jin in exploration but has no benefit in battles. It can remove 30% of the fog of war from map and track artifacts with Guiding Wind.

Samurai Clan Armour

The Samurai Clan Armour is useful for those players who prefer to engage in open battle. It helps in reducing the incoming damage and boosts health. Using this armor will help Jin to perform better in combat. Obtaining this armor is not hard, and players just have to look for Lady Adachi and finish her quest.

Sakai Clan Armour

To get the Sakai Clan Armour, it is mandatory to reach Act 2 and finish the “Ghost of the Past” quest. Samurai Clan Armour and Sakai Clan Armour are similar in various factors. Both of these armors increase health, but Sakai Clan Armour deals with less incoming damage and increases attacking damage. If any player acquires this armor, they can easily wipe out multiple enemies in a single standoff.

Tadayori’s Armour

In terms of Archery, everything is unmatchable with Tadayori’s Armour. Half Bow and LongBow both are unmatchable in front of this armor. To get this armor, players must finish the “The Legend of Tadayori” mythic quest.

Kensei Armour 

Kensei Armour has a unique identity among all the armors in the game. This armor includes Sticky Bombs, Black Power Bombs, and Kunai that makes it one of the deadliest armor sets. It motivates Jin to use the Ghost Weapons. To obtain this amazing armor, players need to complete Act 2 Mythic Quest “A Message in Fire.”

Mongol Commander’s Armour

It is the last armor set in Ghost of Tsushima that Jin can get. Mongol Commander Armour can be obtained through a standard side quest. Once you wear this armor, the detection of Mongol rapidly reduces and in some cases, players can even walk to the front door of the Mongol encampments. All of the above-mentioned armors have unique abilities. While choosing the armor, players should consider its abilities.

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