Ghost of Tsushima: Proper Crafting Guide

The open-world game Ghost of Tsushima is packed with various types of materials. Players have to find every single material to upgrade their armor and weapons. Ghost of Tsushima is a beautiful visual rich game with amazing samurai fighting and combat moves. At the beginning of the game, players don’t get to use many moves, but after digging into the game further, they will find some interesting crafting items. Crafting in Ghost of Tsushima is a major factor that will help players to move forward faster and easier. If players have durable armor and powerful sword skill, they can defeat any opponent.

At the beginning, you don’t have much material in hand, and that is why you need to explore every required material for crafting. To make Jin strong in front of the Mongol army, he needs to sharpen his sword and strengthen his armor further. This action-packed open-world game will be worth every effort you will put in the game. To use the materials, it is also mandatory to know about every material.

In Ghost of Tsushima, crafting is divided into four different categories: Metal, Goods, Wood and Cloth. Every category of material has its speciality and benefits, and every player should know which one is the best use for them.


To enhance the effect of Katana and attack power, the Metal material resource is useful. Now Metal is also categorized into three different types which are Gold, Silver and Iron. To get these following materials, you have to enter into Mongol-occupied land and search there. From farms to the fishing villages of Mongol camps, you need to steal a small quantity of Metal from the enemy strongholds.


Wood category material is used for improving the strength of the bow. There are a total of three types of Wood which is Wax Wood, Yew and Bamboo. To locate the Yew and Bamboo, you need to explore into the forest area, but Wax Wood can only be found at the Shinto Shrines if you complete the available challenges there.


For upgrading the outfit, players have to explore the Cloth. There are three different varieties of Cloth: Silk, Linen and Leather. These following types of cloths can only be found in the populated area. Tsushima natives live at the farms, in the village and camps are ready to part with the Cloth materials, and they often offer Jin for finishing the Tales of the Tsushima additional Mission.


In the section of Goods, there is a wide variety of materials, and they all have different advantages. Supplies are the main currency of Ghost of Tsushima. It can use for purchasing weapons and up-gradation. Flowers are also part of Goods, and they are used to dye the clothes that can be found across the island of Tsushima. Toyotoma region is the best location to locate the Flowers.

The Ghost of Tsushima will let you experience the world full of resources while digging into the game exploration will take you to new places. Woods, Metal, Cloths, Goods all are a major part in the game. To achieve everything in the Ghost of Tsushima, exploration is necessary.

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