Ghost of Tsushima: Where to Find Every Hidden Altar Location

Action-adventure video games always remain on the minds of gamers. It is the reason why Sucker Punch Productions has released Ghost of Tsushima. The game has been developed quite well which includes a mesmerizing storyline along with eye-catching graphics. Thus, it is the most significant reason why within a few weeks after its release, Ghost of Tsushima has become an immense success. Besides, the game requires the players to obtain several items to provide ease to their game. Nowadays, players are after the Hidden Unseen trophy, and it can only be achieved by gathering hidden altars. In this article, we have provided a proper workaround to find all the hidden altar locations in Ghost of Tsushima.

How to Find Hidden Altar Location to get Hidden Unseen Trophy

Although there are 13 hidden altars in the world of Ghost of Tsushima however, players need to find only 10 to accomplish the Hidden Unseen trophy. The hidden altars are available in Act 1 and 2 thus below we have mentioned all the hidden altars locations in Ghost of Tsushima in both of them:

ACT – 1

  • Gamers will find the first hidden altar near the Kashine Hills where it is located beneath the red flowers.
  • Gamers will find the second hidden altar inside the Kaneda Inlet. Players will also get a Pillar of Honor along with an altar here.
  • Gamers will find the third hidden altar lies inside the Kaneda Castle. Once players have succeeded in reaching over there, they need to start finding the beach where the hidden altar is lying.
  • Gamers will find the fourth hidden altar is placed inside the Kechi Fishing Village over a fishing dock. However, the whole area has numerous Mongolians, along with several Japanese hostages. Gamers to fight those foes and rescue all the hostages. Later on, they can attain the hidden altar.
  • Gamers will find the fifth hidden altar is located near the Komatsu Forge. Once players manage to reach there, then they need to visit the cemetery. The hidden altar is placed over one of the graves.
  • Gamers will find the sixth hidden altar in the Southwest region of the Slope of Yochi. Players can quickly identify that area by looking for a vast bamboo forest.
  • Gamers will find the seventh hidden altar inside the Legend of Tadayori. Players will find a Tadayori’s Armor, Violet flower along with a hidden altar in that region.

ACT – 2

  • The eight hidden altars are located on the Omi Village where gamers can find it hidden in the fishing docks.
  • The ninth hidden altar is hidden inside the Omi Monastery. Gamers will find the hidden altar in a cemetery located in that precise region.
  • The tenth hidden altar lies inside the Umugi Cove where players need to find it over a boardwalk.
  • The eleventh hidden altar is located inside the Yarikawa region, and players will find two hidden altars over there.
  • The twelfth hidden altar is located in the Marshlands.
  • The thirteenth and the last hidden altar is hidden inside the Numanaka Inn region.
  • It is highly up to gamers whether to visit ten hidden altar locations they would visit. We advise them to check all thirteen hidden altar locations first and then visit the ones that are close to each other. Once players have succeeded in obtaining at least ten hidden altars, then they will get the Hidden Unseen trophy as a reward.


Ghost of Tsushima has concealed several secrets beneath its lands and players are trying to unfold them. One of the secrets is to find all the hidden altars that are necessary for getting the Hidden Unseen trophy. In this article, we have provided information on hidden altars alongside their locations and ways to get them. We hope that all the gamers who have visited this article will surely accomplish their purpose and will find worth reading it.

Players can play Ghost of Tsushima on PS4.

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