Ghosts of Tsushima: Strategies and tricks you need to know

Ghost of Tsushima is yet another AAA, open-world adventure, and while it adopts plenty of the tropes we’ve noticed in previous open-world RPGs, it modifications the formula within a handful of methods, also. In the Guiding Wind for the lack of a lock-on system, Ghost of Tsushima isn’t just exactly the same game having a distinct theme. To help your journey up the island of Tsushima, here are 13 Ghost of Tsushima strategies and tricks you might want to know. Get more information about best ninja games

Let the wind guide you
Ghost of Tsushima‘s major innovation on the open-world formula is, certainly, the Guiding Wind. In place of waypoint markers or a mini-map, the wind will guide you to a location you set around the complete map. That’s not all the wind can do, even though. Out on the gate, it is possible to set the wind to track undiscovered collectibles, those becoming records, artifacts, banners, and singing crickets. You can invest some of your points into tracking other collectible places like fox dens and hot springs, as well.

Even when you don’t possess a precise aim, it’s finest to set the wind to guide you toward a quest far away which you sooner or later desire to do. As long as you have the Traveler’s Attire equipped, you’ll eliminate a very good chunk on the Fog of War as you go, revealing undiscovered locations and points of interest on your map. Essentially, should you do not know what to perform next in Ghost of Tsushima, set the wind within a path you haven’t explored and begin riding. You’re bound to stumble upon some thing.

Let nature guide you
Wind isn’t the only guiding force in Ghost of Tsushima. As you’re traveling, you’ll encounter huge yellow birds that’ll fly down in front of you. Follow them. Yellow birds will lead you toward bamboo strikes, pillars of honor, shrines, hot springs, and just about every single other point of interest on the map. Follow the wind 1st, but in the event you see a yellow bird, it is constantly a fantastic thought to break course and see what they’re directing you toward.

Though yellow birds are the key technique to discover regions of interest around the island of Tsushima, you will discover other cues from nature you’ll want to pay interest to. As an example, fireflies will circle about fox dens, though butterflies will hang about haiku spots. In brief, in case you see a thing that’s standing out in the environment, it is best to investigate it.

Balance your Resolve

Although the wind navigation is Ghost of Tsushima is often a standout function, it’s not the only innovation inside the game. In spot of stamina, you’ve got a Resolve meter. You are able to use Resolve for any handful of various factors, such as the strong, unblockable Heavenly Strike attack. In most cases, though, you will use Resolve to heal, equivalent to the Focus bar in Marvel’s Spider-Man. The crucial thing to recall is that your Resolve does not passively fill up. You will need to earn it back.

You can find two key approaches to earn Resolve: Parrying attacks and killing enemies. If you are about to enter a large battle, though, you’ll will need a large increase to your Resolve speedily, and that is where standoffs come in. In case you successfully defeat your opponent through a standoff, you’ll earn all your Resolve back, providing you plenty to work with throughout the rest of the battle.

End their suffering
This is a little tip but a vital one. As you’re taking down mobs of enemies, a handful of, deeply wounded, will get started to crawl away. If you go up to them, you will see a button prompt to “end suffering.” Brutal since it is, you ought to often finish the job. Defeating an enemy within this way will provide you with a full bar of Resolve, and in some battles, you’ll have a handful of enemies waiting to determine the other side. Operating around the battlefield and taking out the stragglers is a swift and quick method to earn back any spent Resolve.

An outfit for each and every occasion
You will discover 11 sets of armor in Ghost of Tsushima, and each set offers greater than just a cosmetic difference. Correct away, you’ll have access to Broken Armor and Traveler’s Attire. The Broken Armor is, properly, broken, and is basically useless as such. The Traveler’s Attire is additional helpful, allowing you to track collectibles with the Guiding Wind as described in our very first tip. It’ll also send some pulses by means of your controller when you’re close to a collectible.

You will earn other armor sets all through the principle story, though the majority of them come from Mythic Tales. You could get the Samurai Clan Armor proper away, on the other hand, and you need to. Throughout the main quest “The Tale of Lady Masako,” you’ll must travel for the Golden Temple in the initially region. When you’re there, speak towards the Armorer, and they’ll give you the Samurai Clan Armor for free. That is essentially the most effective all round armor set in the game, reducing all your incoming damage, supplying a increase for your health, and granting further Resolve after you take damage.

You could switch armor sets on the fly, even when you are in a duel. We advocate using the Traveler’s Attire when you are exploring to take away the Fog of War and discover secrets. When it comes time for battle, although, switch over to the Samurai Clan Armor, a minimum of till you unlock a few of the a lot more specialized sets later inside the game.

Switch stances to break their defenses
There are 4 stances in Ghost of Tsushima: Stone, Water, Wind, and Moon. Each and every of those stances is powerful against a certain form of enemy, those being Swordsmen, Shieldmen, Spearmen, and Brutes, respectively. By default, you’ll have access towards the Stone stance, which is sufficient to acquire you by means of the initial couple of hours from the game (we’ll cover the way to unlock the other stances quickly within a moment).

Stances are more than just a gimmick. Combat in Ghost of Tsushima is based around breaking the defense of one’s enemy, leaving them open to direct strikes. For the duration of mob attacks, switch your stance for whatever enemy you are facing, break their defenses, and get started hacking away. With regards to Brutes and Spearmen, in unique, using the best stance is the distinction involving winning and losing.

Stealth like no one’s watching
Stealth is incredibly potent in Ghost of Tsushima. Frankly, the A.I. just isn’t that smart. You’ll be able to normally work your way about a Mongol camp with little fuss provided that you’re not sprinting amongst enemies. Most Mongol warriors are more than content material staring at a wall when you run up behind them and reduce the back of their knees. Even though Ghost of Tsushima is a lot more enjoyable when you face your enemies directly as the honorable samurai you might be, stealth is usually a far less complicated approach. If you are getting a challenging time in a specific area, try taking out several enemies using stealth. It is possible to get away using a lot greater than you could assume.

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