Gifts for Friends and Family Separated by Distance

When friends or family are separated by distance, a gift can let them know that you’re thinking of them. Whether it’s best friend gifts or family gifts, these ideas will help you close the distance and feel like your friends and loved ones are always with you.


Angel Sculptures

What better way to let someone know you are watching over them, always willing to help, than with an angel sculpture? Consider an angel sculpture holding a conch to her ear, as if she can hear the other person through the shell. Or, if you are looking for brother or sister gifts, consider an angel with her arms crossed using the American Sign Language sign for love.

Keepsake Boxes

A keepsake box lets your friend or family member keep small treasures and mementos, particularly of you. Consider, for instance, one with a girl holding a dog for dog lovers, which reads “Truly a friend” at the bottom of the box. The box can hold notes and small items that remind them of you and is perfect for keeping other small gifts that you send. For something slightly larger, consider a box with a relief of a woman with her arms around a horse with the sentiment, “Always there for me.” Each box lets your loved ones know that you are there in spirit if not in person.


When you finish a book that you loved, send a copy to your loved one. It can be the copy you just read or a new one. You can write an inscription at the beginning of the book to personalize it. When they are done, you can discuss the book and have something in common to share, even if it’s not location.

Plane Tickets

When you are missing your friend or family member too much, send them a plane ticket to come and visit! This may be tricky as you’ll need to make sure they have an open schedule, but it can be an exciting surprise to know they get to see you in person soon. You can also send a note with the promise of tickets so that they can work in a visit with their schedule.


While the days of cassette and even CD mixtapes are in the past thanks to streaming music services, you can still create a playlist on a USB stick to mimic the mixtapes of old. Plus, thanks to modern memory standards, your mixtape could easily have a hundred songs. Tell a story with the songs or the titles, save the songs to the USB, and send it to your friend or family member. They can even keep it in the keepsake box.

About Willow Tree®

Willow Tree® figurines represent the relationships between us and our friends, family, and pets. It is an intimate line of artwork meant to comfort and inspire the recipient. Each hand-painted piece is cast from artist Susan Lordi’s original handcrafted carvings from her Kansas City, Missouri studio. Willow Tree® sculptures have a simplicity of form, using gestures such as placement of the hands, a tilt of the head, or a turn of the body to reveal emotion instead of facial features. This opens the interpretation of each piece to both the giver and receiver. The instantly recognizable pieces make memorable gifts for any occasion, including memorial gifts, birthday, wedding, anniversary, and more.

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