Gifts to Ease the Grief of a Lost Pet

Losing a beloved pet is a devastating experience and one that we’ve all gone through in our lives. But you can help ease the grief of someone who’s lost an animal by providing them a little token of comfort. Here are a few gift ideas for you to give a friend or loved one who’s lost their furry companion. Some of these items would be good to have on hand because they also make lovely gifts for animal lovers on holidays and birthdays, or anytime you want to show someone you care.

Angel Sculpture Holding an Animal

For a special person who’s kind to animals or recently lost a pet, you could choose a figurative sculpture of an angel holding a kitty or dog. The angel represents the person who rescued the animal, loved him and cared for him through the years, and protected him from harm. They were (or are) the guardian angel of their beloved pet.

Angel figurines make great best friend gifts too. Figurative sculptures speak to people in various ways. Anyone who’s ever received one has their own story to tell about what it means to them and how it came into their lives.

Comfort Plaque as an Expression of Love

A comfort plaque is artwork to either hang on the wall or set on a special stand. Perhaps there’s a hand-painted carving on the front of the plaque of a boy hugging his dog. Plaques can be given as memorial gifts for the person whose pet has passed or as Christmas gifts for someone who holds a special bond with their living pet. It could possibly be an item you buy for yourself to honor the relationship you have with your dog. The interpretation is entirely up to the giver and receiver of such a gift.

Truly a Friend Keepsake Box

A precious keepsake box with a carving on the lid of a girl playing with her dog is a special place to keep treasures, including a dog tag and clipping of fur. The owner will always think of their pet when they see the small box. Keepsake boxes should provide comfort to someone who has lost their companion and best friend. Hand-painted wood keepsake boxes can also be used for functional purposes, such as storing jewelry, notes, or keys.

Animal-Inspired Sculptures

Capture the essence of one’s pet with just the right sculpture. Talented artists are able to create cat and dog sculptures that speak to people in quiet ways to comfort and put a smile on their face. Even if the sculpture isn’t an exact replica, it can show personality traits through the tilt of the head, proud posture, or playful stance. Two of the best things about animals is they love us unconditionally and teach us what it means to be a true friend.

About Willow Tree®

Willow Tree® figures are an intimate line of artwork meant to comfort and inspire. They represent the relationships we share with friends, family, pets, and ourselves. The pieces are hand-painted, and each is cast from artist Susan Lordi’s original handcrafted carvings from her Kansas City, Missouri studio. With a signature absence of facial features and simplicity of form, Willow Tree® figures use gestures such as placement of the hands, a turn of the body, or a tilt of the head to reveal emotion. This leaves the interpretation open to both the giver and receiver. Lordi’s signature work is instantly recognizable and makes memorable gifts for any occasion, including cake toppers for weddings and anniversaries.

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