Gilead COMPASS Initiative®: A Community Offering Support for HIV Patients

There are several diseases that are affecting multiple people across the world due. These diseases not just cause physical repercussions but are also a cause of mental trauma and social stigma. And one such medical condition is HIV-AIDS. People across the globe often feel that the incidence and expanse of this disease have now reduced but that is not at all true. A major part of Southern America is still affected by HIV. And the worst part is that society is not very accepting towards HIV patients and people often abandon family members if they are affected by this condition. But there is still hope for better. There are a lot of organizations working for the affected patients and they do whatever they can possibly do for their treatment and stigma reduction. The Gilead COMPASS Initiative® for HIV Gilead is an initiative that works closely with the local non-profit bodies in the Southern United States to help HIV positive people live with comfort and respect in society. Some of the reputed educational and research centers that work in collaboration with the initiative are Emory University Rollins School of Public Health, University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work, and Southern AIDS Coalition. These organizations help in spreading awareness about the condition so that patients can live respectfully in society.

Gilead COMPASS Initiative® offers funds to organizations in the area for Gilead HIV treatment, spreading awareness about the condition, and meeting day-to-day expenses of the organization to offer comfortable living to patients. The Gilead COMPASS Initiative® has conducted more than 250 training sessions over the past few years by collaborating with the local bodies and trying to reach as many people as they can to help and support them.

With Gilead COMPASS Initiative®, you will also be able to learn more about the recent development in HIV and the studies that scientists keep on conducting to find solutions to the problem. The Gilead COMPASS Initiative® is one true community that is working constantly to bring a difference in society by offering a helping hand and spreading awareness about the condition every single day. If you run an NGO and need help for raising funds for Gilead HIV meds or for treatment of the patients at your organization, you can simply get in touch with Gilead COMPASS Initiative® to get help and for arranging events to raise funds for the needy.

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