Give a perfect shape to rough dimension with Dongchengelectric planer

Planer is a simple and prominent tool in wood workshops. It smoothens the wood and adjusts its size to fit the desired area. A jammed door or drawer can be adjusted to the millimeter with a planer. So, if you work with imperfect wood material with only rough dimensions, a planer is the best tool to give perfection in imperfection.


Electric planers have gained popularity due to their various features. It is easy to carry everywhere. It sets wood pieces into different thicknesses and completes the task swiftly. You can find out two categories- manual planer and electric planer. The hand planer is a bit more time consuming than the electric one.


An electric planer uses cutting wheels that rotate at high speed to shave wood from the surface you are working with. Higher speed usually translates to more consistent cuts. Electric planer manages large projects more effectively than most manual planers. If you want to focus on an adaptable electric planer for work, buy Dongcheng electric planer. The brand comes with a lightweight machine and keeps a load-free pace of 1300RPM.

It offers a high-speed steel bit that is considered perfect for drilling into the soft metal. The bits need frequent sharpening after a few uses. These bits can endure heat very well and perform well at high temperatures.


The Dongcheng made more durable and tough bits coated with black oxide. The coating reduces the amount of friction that helps in drilling more precise holes. Every bit is designed through a specific material.


Use precautions while using an electric planer: –


  • Work in a tidy environment without clutter lying around
  • Protect yourself with safety glasses or hearing protection. Especially recommended when planning hardwood.
  • Make sure the blades are always sharpened.
  • Store your planer lying on its side. They do not come into contact with the surface as this makes them blunt.


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