Give the Gift of Conscious Menstruation

Menses should not be a taboo topic, but sometimes it still feels like it is. The CM Sorority reaches beyond the taboo and focuses on educating women of all ages and backgrounds about menses, how important, and how special it is. Menses is the crux of femininity and should be celebrated as such.

One of the biggest mistakes that young women often make is that they try to do battle with and defeat their menstrual cycle. Even worse, they may try to actually ignore it. Ignoring menses is dangerous because it is a cycle that the body uses to speak to a woman on an innate level. Menses is meant to give a woman divine insight into her body, not pain confusion, or neurosis.

In many cultures throughout time, the menstrual cycle has been observed by women in many different ways, but one of the more common is the menstrual hut. This was a sacred place where a woman could be insulated from the world around her, and that allowed her to focus on herself and caring for herself. Somehow, in all of our modern advances, we have lost touch with the spirit of this idea.

The CM Sorority

The CM Sorority aims to bring this spirit back into the lives of women all over the world, one woman at a time. With a goal of educating women for life, the CMS offers education and support through classes, books, blogs, coaching, and community.

What is Conscious Menstruation?

Conscious menstruation is the practice of observing menses through self-love and introspection. It allows you to enjoy the process, rather than fight nature. In other words, it teaches you to go with the flow.

Join the CM Sorority Today

No matter what age you are, if you experience menstruation, or you ever have, you are fully qualified to enter into the CM Sorority. Stop resenting and ignoring menses and learn to love the process for the magical time that it is. Join the CM Sorority, today!

Membership gives you one-year blog access, a 10% discount on books and gift items, and a CMS Certificate of Support.

Flowing, A Guide to CM

Flowing, a Guide to CM will teach you everything that you need to know to get started on your conscious menstruation journey right away. Not only does this book give you amazing insight and knowledge about menses with new strategies for handling the challenges that it may present, but it is also a beautiful book, well suited for gift giving. It is printed in Fuschia foil on heavy cream-colored stock. It is spiral bound and covered with a protective plastic cover, for ease of use. Visit the CMS conscious menstruation online gift shop to order your copy today!

The CM Handbook

The CM Handbook is a great companion to Flowing, A Guide to CM, and it is also a valuable tool all on its own. The CM Handbook is all about enjoying your period. It teaches you to love the process instead of living in complete opposition to it. Like Flowing, A Guide to CM, the handbook is printed with Fuschia foil onto heavy cream stock giving it a rich and beautiful appearance. It is spiral-bound, with plastic cover pages. There are even special pages included for sketching, writing, and taking notes. It encourages interaction as the book takes you through your 28-day cycle of conscious menstruation. The CM handbook can be found at CMS’s gift shop for conscious menstruation.

The CM Journal

This delightfully empowering journal provides large pages for writing and drawing. It gives a girl a place to record thoughts and feelings and makes notes to help her clarity during menses and to help her learn her own special cycle. This can be a beautiful addition to Flowing, a Guide to CM, or the CM Handbook. The CM Journal can also be found at CMS conscious menstruation online gift shop.

The Magic of Menses

Menses is a magical feminine time. Purchasing a gift from CMS’ gift shop for conscious menstruation is a beautiful and thoughtful way to show your love and support for the women in your life. A CM Sorority membership is a wonderful way to help educate women for life. It makes a great gift for mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, cousins, and friends. The CM Sorority Gift Shop has all of the books mentioned above available as well as beautiful beaded jewelry that will help you find your connection to your idea of The Feminine Divine.

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