Global Boswellia Market is expected to reach valuation of US$119.1 mn by 2026

The use of ancient lines of medical treatment in India and China has played a vital role in the growth of the global boswellia market. The use of Boswellia for developing medications has remained finely enrooted in the customs and traditions of south Asian regions. Furthermore, the easy availability of this herbal extract has also played to the advantage of the global market. It is worthwhile to note that the medical fraternity is finding solace in reinventing and repackaging ancient modes of healing. Several medical practitioners claim that Boswellia has a high nutritional value, and can be used as a healthy side with foods. Moreover, the proven effectiveness of Boswellia in curing inflammatory disorders and illnesses has also driven market demand.

Marketing of Boswellia has followed a tangled route over the past decades. The name ‘Indian frankincense’ has played to the advantage of the global market. Selling Boswellia under this name has helped market players attract the attention of several groups of people. Moreover, Indian herbs are considered to serve premium value within medicine and healthcare. Hence, the marketing game of the vendors operating in the Boswellia market has improved in recent times.

Asian and African folk medicine has been recorded in books and keynote literature. The timeless relevance of folk medicine has aided the growth of the global Boswellia market. Furthermore, the study of chronic health diseases, especially the ones causing inflammation has also driven market demand. It is expected that the use of Boswellia in mainstream medicine would soon become a reality.

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Aquanova AG Reveals Key Details about Boswellia Consumption

A recent research conducted by Aquanova AG has found that combination of curcumin and Boswellia can have an anti-inflammatory effect. Despite the known value of Boswellia for preventing inflammation, the research adds new dimensions to this property. It uses Boswellia extracted from the gum of serrata plant found in India. The new research is expected to upturn the prospects of growth within the global market.

Transparency Market Research (TMR), in a key report, assesses that the global Boswellia market shall expand at a steady CAGR of 4.2% during the period between 2018 and 2026. The total value of the global Boswellia market is slated to touch US$119.1 mn by 2026, rising up from a value of US$85.9 mn in 2018.

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