Global Goji Berries Market- Industry Analysis and Forecast

Global Goji Berries Market was valued US$ XX Mn in 2019 and is expected to grow US$ XX Mn by 2027, at a CAGR of 11.55% during the forecast period.

The report study has analyzed the revenue impact of COVID-19 pandemic on the sales revenue of market leaders, market followers, and market disrupters in the report, and the same is reflected in our analysis.

Global Goji Berries Market: Overview

Goji berries are recognized by various names, such as wolfberry, boxthorn, and matrimony vine. Goji berry plants are native to China and are used in traditional medicines. It has been used in Tibet because of its health advantage, like improving brain activity, proper functioning of the immune system, and prevent aging. Goji berries are a good source of vitamins and minerals including fiber, vitamin A and C, iron, zinc, antioxidants and it also covers all eight essential amino acids which provide 10% of your daily protein.

Global Goji Berries Market: Dynamics

The numerous health-conscious consumers across the globe are the key growth driver of the global goji berries market. Hectic and busy work life, demanding lifestyles, and climatic changes are causing many health problems among consumers across the globe. Therefore, the consumers are looking for healthy food options to improve health and overcome diseases, as goji berries have various health benefits to the human body which is expected to drive the global goji berries market. The fruits are gradually used in digestive supplement products and weight management as they are a good source of fiber and low in fat and calories. Due to the fluctuating lifestyle, people are suffering from many diseases like diabetes, hypertension, anxiety disorders, and common ailments, such as fever and cold, and therefore they are opting for products like goji berries, which are ideal for these problems.

The goji berries are becoming popular ingredients to the herbal medicine manufacturers across the world. Also, the cosmetic and personal care producers are becoming the key consumer of the goji berries, because of its several benefits to skincare diseases. The nutritional contents of the goji berries are permitting nutraceutical producers to use it as an ingredient in the final product. In the Asia Pacific region mainly in China, goji berries are freshly consumed or dried as it is a popular fruit berry among Asian consumers. These factors are expected to fuel the growth of the global goji berries market.

The major shortcoming for the goji berries market is regulatory restrictions placed by North America and Europe on goji berries import and labeling.

Global Goji Berries Market: Segment Analysis

By the application, the food and beverage segment held the largest market share of the global market in 2018, thanks to the increasing use of goji berries in food and beverage products. Numerous health-based beverages use goji berries due to its vitamin and antioxidant profile. Personal care products signify a fast-growing market, because of the increasing buyer demand for natural, safe and effective ingredients in cosmetic products. The high use of goji berries in traditional medicines is a strong driver for the increasing use of these fruits in therapeutic and pharmaceutical products.

Global Goji Berries Market: Regional Analysis

APAC holds the largest share of the goji berry market followed by Europe which also possesses a relatively high-value share of the goji berry market. The Asia Pacific goji berry market is expected to grow at a significant rate in terms of consumption in the future because people have have become aware about healthy products and dietary supplements. The population around the globe is slowly getting conscious about the health benefits of goji berry.

China dominates the market in terms of production. The main source of revenue in many of China’s western provinces is goji berries cultivation.For instance, the Ningxia and Xinjiang provinces in China are the largest producers of goji berries.

However, the production capacity of goji berries is limited in North America and Europe as these berries are not cultivated in these regions. But, with the increasing demand, many farmers in U.S. and Canada have started cultivating goji berries. Northern California and parts of the Northwest are considered ideal places for goji berry agriculture in the U.S.

The objective of the report is to present a comprehensive analysis of the Global Goji Berries Market including all the stakeholders of the industry. The past and current status of the industry with forecasted market size and trends are presented in the report with the analysis of complicated data in simple language. The report covers all the aspects of the industry with a dedicated study of key players that includes market leaders, followers, and new entrants. PORTER, SVOR, PESTEL analysis with the potential impact of micro-economic factors of the market have been presented in the report. External as well as internal factors that are supposed to affect the business positively or negatively have been analyzed, which will give a clear futuristic view of the industry to the decision-makers.
The report also helps in understanding Global Goji Berries Market dynamics, structure by analyzing the market segments and project the Global Goji Berries Market size. Clear representation of competitive analysis of key players by type, price, financial position, product portfolio, growth strategies, and regional presence in the Global Goji Berries Market make the report investor’s guide.
Scope of the Global Goji Berries Market

Global Goji Berries Market, By Product Type

• Fresh
• Dried
• Juice
• Powdered
• Frozen
Global Goji Berries Market, By End-Use

• Food and Beverage
• Pharmaceuticals
• Nutraceuticals
• Personal Care and Cosmetics
• Others
Global Goji Berries Market, By Distribution Channel

• Hypermarkets/ Supermarkets
• Specialty Stores
• Convenience Stores
• Online Retail
• Others
Global Goji Berries Market, By Region

• North America
• Europe
• Asia Pacific
• Middle East & Africa
• South America
Key players operating in the Global Goji Berries Market

• Shaanxi Zhengsheng Kangyuan Bio-Medical Co., Ltd
• Gojix LTD.
• Pure Healing Foods
• The Tibetan Goji Berry Company
• Indigo Herbs
• Gojoy Berries Inc
• Navitas Organics
• Others

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