Glue Dispenser Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2017 – 2025

Glue dispenser is a device used to release the required amount of glue/adhesive on the area of application. It is an ideal choice for the application of high performance adhesives. The adhesive is applied directly from a tube or bottle onto the surface in some operations, while in others, precise and automated dispensing is required. Glue dispenser enables cost-efficient bonding solution for various applications integrated into the production line. Hand held glue/adhesive dispensers such as hot glue sticks and industrial glue guns are used widely. However, a broad range of other glue dispensers is also available in the market. For specialized tasks, a hand held dispenser is often an ideal choice, as it provides user with full control over the operation. An automotive production line requires power driven glue dispenser, which runs on electricity or compressed air. Glue dispenser can be used to apply adhesive in any form; liquid, spray, or slurry. This is one of the major advantage of glue dispensers.

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Different methods are used to apply adhesives. These include syringing and stenciling. In stenciling, a plate accurately cut to required dimension is placed over the surface or material to be bonded. The adhesive is then applied over the plate and the plate is removed leaving behind adhesive only in the places where the plate had been cut. After this, surface or material on which adhesive is applied is kept in the same place for some time until the adhesive forms an appropriate bond. Under syringing, the glue is dispensed by the pick and place method on the bonding material only in specific places where it is required. Syringing method creates less waste, but requires larger operation time, since the adhesive is to be applied to each segment individually.

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The market for glue dispenser is primarily driven by the increase in demand for adhesive dispensing systems and equipment. Hassle free, convenient, and precise application of adhesive, particularly in packaging, automotive, and electronics industries, is expected to boost the demand for glue dispensers in the near future. Demand for glue dispensing system has been rising owing to its affordable cost and low wastage of adhesives. Glue dispenser is available in various ranges with different configurations. It can be customized for specific applications including dispense rate, shot size, media viscosity, and volumetric quantity.

Based on technology, the glue dispenser market can be segmented into hand held, machine mounted, robotic, rotary, and others. Increase in need for precision and accuracy coupled with an urge to use highly configured adhesive dispensing equipment is expected to propel the machine mounted and rotary glue dispenser equipment. In terms of application, the glue dispenser market can be segregated into automotive, packaging, electronics, construction, lamination, textile, and others. Increase in population, growth in economy, rise in purchasing power parity, and rapid rate of urbanization have resulted in commercial and infrastructure development in developing countries such as India and China. These factors have also boosted the demand for automobiles, electronic gadgets, furniture and woodworking projects, home construction, and medical disposable products. This is likely to augment the glue dispenser market in the near future.

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In terms of geography, North America and Europe are mature markets for glue dispensers. Demand for glue dispensers is primarily driven by Asia Pacific due to the growth in end-user industries such as packaging, automotive, construction, and electronics in countries such as India and China. The packaging industry in India has been expanding at a double-digit rate. The automotive industry is also anticipated to offer lucrative opportunities to the glue dispenser market in the near future.

Key players operating in the glue dispenser market include Henkel Ltd., Dymax Corporation, Valco Melton, and Nordson Corporation.

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