GM Kevin Colbert Gets Emotional Reflecting on Jour

PITTSBURGH — It’s been 22 years since Kevin Colbert first walked into the Pittsburgh Steelers facility, and after nearly two decades, the general manager leaves Nolan Ryan Jersey with two more Lombardi trophies, Hall of Famers and plenty of memorable moments.But now, the journey as GM comes to an end. Colbert is retiring following the 2022 NFL Draft, and Michael Conforto Jersey when he stopped to smell the roses for the first time, the beloved Steelers general manager got choked up.” Tug McGraw Jersey There was four trophies when I got here. And we knew the task. You think about DMR, and being able to add to that room means a ton. It doesn’t mean that it’s over.”Colbert said he’ll continue to operate as Asdrubal Cabrera Jersey general manager while the team finishes their search for their new hire. But after 22 years, Colbert is taking his final steps as the Pittsburgh Steelers leader Matt Harvey Jersey .Make sure you for the latest news, exclusive interviews, film breakdowns and so much more!Scroll to ContinueFollow All Steelers on Twitter:

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