Gmail Accounts are Sending Spam Emails from User’s Sent Box

Web emailing has always been a worry issue for all the users and email services company. The rise of phishing scams and constant online attack have become such crucial issues as we maintain all kind of important data and files on it. People tend to opt for world’s most trusted company which assures them of best security for their account.  Yes, we are talking about Gmail which has got the largest email users around the globe. If you are one such Gmail user then we have a bad news for you. This Sunday, a number of Gmail users complained about the spam emails sent out from  their email accounts. They have complained about the anonymously sent emails from their account.

As per the users statements about their gmail account, it has sent out three spam emails in the past hour to 10 addresses that they don’t recognize. Even after changing the account password, it happened again two more times. Google help forum has been filled out with these kind of complaints  on April 22.

The messages appeared to have been sent from their own accounts. Those whose gmail accounts were secured with double authentication factor and updated password faced the same issues. The spammers used forged email headers which make them appear. As per the sources, they came from users via a Canadian telecommunications company called Telus, in order to get the messages past spam filters. The messages appeared to be coming from the same user, Gmail filed the message into affected users’ sent folder.

As per the reports revealed by Google officials, the subject of the emails is weight loss and growth supplements for men advertisements. People have reported them as spam.

Another user wrote that he just changed his password and logged out of everything, but it was still happening,” which raises a serious security concern. Many in the Google forum believe this may be the case of spoofing. It is a crucial issue to worry but Google is  acting fast and believes that security holes will be soon fixed in the system.

Google admitted that the issue was being caused by a “spam campaign impacting a small subset of Gmail users”. Adding to it, Google also said in the statement that it is actively taking measures which protect users against it.

Google forum officials stated that they have identified and are reclassifying all offending emails as spam. They further added that they have no reason to believe any accounts were compromised as part of this incident. If any of the user notice such suspicious email, they should report it as spam,” noted the statement.

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