Going To Andaman? Then Have A Look At The These Amazing Tips

When it comes to a scenic beach holiday in India, Andaman is surely the best place to head for. This picturesque archipelago, consisting of countless tiny but stunning islands, is located amidst the rippling water of Indian Ocean. Andaman tourism lets you unleash your wild side to enjoy plenty of water activities along with vacationing in a perfect laid-back mode. Before your trip, here is out impeccable travel tips to turn it into a wonderful experience.


  1. Don’t make your luggage heavy

Andaman packages are particularly popular for its pristine beaches, azure blue water, spectacular islands and enthralling water sports. Even a short trip of 3-4 days to Andaman will be perfect to leave behind the hassles of everyday life. Being a tropical beach destination, Andaman receives loads of sunrays and remains warm throughout the year. Take airy and light clothes to wear. Cotton clothes are the best for such travel destinations. But don’t take too much items to your trip as this may cause problem to carry heavy luggage from one island to another. Pack light and travel light in Andaman.


  1. Look for Restricted Singboards

Andaman and Nicobar Islands are the collection of some of the best natural habitats in the world and home to several floral and faunal species along with several ancient trial groups that can only be seen here. Local authorities along with the assistance from several environment saving institutes are trying their best to protect the enriched biodiversity in Andaman. Several areas have been marked by local authorities as Restricted Areas prohibited to tourists. During your Andaman tour package, look for such Restricted Areas signboards around you so that you never step into such an area and disturb the biodiversity and tribal life of Andaman.


  1. Avoid plastic and don’t litter

Andaman is undoubtedly one of the most scintillating tourist destinations in the world. Wonderful marine life and fascinating biodiversity of Andaman are the major reasons for people to come here. In order to keep its natural beauty and treasure intact, local authorities have implanted bans in use of plastic in several islands. Andaman government is trying hard to prevent human encroachment in its pristine marine and forest life because of excessive tourism. They encourage travellers and organize awareness campaigns to prevent excessive use of plastic and littering.


  1. Don’t forget to carry sun protections

Andaman is all about sun, sand and sea. It is impossible to avoid sparkling sunrays while enjoying your vacation in Andaman. When you are in this beautiful beach destination, you must use loads of sunscreen to prevent harmful effects of sunrays on your skin. Along with sunscreen, always carry your sunglasses, hats and scarfs to minimize sun tanning.


  1. Don’t be too much adventurous

Andaman is surely the best place to try snorkelling, scuba diving and several other water sports. But don’t lose your mind in lieu of the thrill as this may land you in grave danger. While you are trying any underwater activity, remember not to disturb the natural habitats and marine creatures in any manner.

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