Gong cha Brings Limited Edition Theme Cup Seal This Christmas

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Christmas is just around the corner and people are already planning their holiday activities. You will be spending a lot of time with friends, family, extended family, and even your colleagues. And this means lots of food and drinks. Bubble tea has been in trend for some time and continues to grow big on people’s minds this holiday season too. So, you can expect more flavors and themes from boba tea brands such as Gong cha.

Limited Edition Christmas-Themed Cup Seals

Gong cha, the premier bubble tea brand, has announced its limited edition Christmas-themed cup seals this festive season. The boba tea brand, with its over 1800 stores worldwide, will be offering these Xmas-themed cup seals in limited numbers.

The development was announced by the company’s regional spokesperson, “Christmas is here and we are coming up with all kinds of specialties for our guests across the United States and beyond. While we have already begun launching new variations of flavors and toppings, we have gone a step further. We are glad to bring our bubble tea aficionados our Limited Edition Theme Cup Seals for the season. We are sure everyone will love them.”

The theme cup seals feature Christmas murals indicative of Xmas Tree, Santa, Snowman, and Stocking. Gong cha has already launched its Mint Series of bubble tea to make the holidays more special.

About Gong cha & Its Offerings

Gong cha was founded in 2006 in Taiwan. It differentiated itself from other brands with its strong commitment to premium quality and innovation. Today, a visit to a Gong cha boba tea store allows guests to choose from over 600 possible combinations of drinks that can vary in terms of:

  • Variety of Tea
  • Ice Levels – Regular Ice, Light Ice & No Ice
  • Sugar Levels
  • Ingredients & Flavors
  • Toppings

Today, there are more than 1800 Gong cha locations in 20 countries. This includes more than a hundred in the U.S. The premium bubble tea brand is on an expansion spree due to the ever-growing demand for boba tea.

Commitment to Quality

As mentioned above, Gong cha stands out with the use of premium quality ingredients. For example, it sources its tea leaves from tea estates that meet its high standards for production. Each step in the tea production process is evaluated closely before a tea estate is selected. This includes steps such as:

  • Cultivation
  • Selection
  • Drying
  • Fermentation
  • Purification

It is not just the way that the brand chooses its ingredients and the processes it follows for preparation. The way it treats its guests have also helped it build a reputation. “At Gong cha, it is our mission to create happiness in every cup we serve. All our guests are treated with dignity and respect and so are our employees,” the spokesperson said.

If you want to learn more about Gong cha’s menu, nearest store, or latest offerings, it is recommended to visit contact us. You can write to us and we will get back to you at the earliest.

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