Gong Cha Bubble Tea Expands in Chicago, IL

Gong cha is a global bubble tea and premium tea brand with over 1800 cafes in 21 countries. Founded in 2006 in Taiwan, Gong cha offers the best of traditional bubble tea experience and persistent innovation and creativity by including new and more flavorful ingredients. The brand is expanding further in the U.S. by launching four corporate-owned cafes in Chicago, IL. Most of Gong cha’s stores in the U.S. are franchisee owned, but these new stores in Chicagoland will be corporate-owned.

Gong cha’s Expansion Plans in Chicago

John Malesh, Director of Operations, will be overlooking the launching of the new locations in Chicago. He is an experienced hospitality professional. He has over a quarter of a century of experience in the fast-casual segment.

Gong cha has also bagged in the expertise and services of Cushman & Wakefield, the well-known real estate firm, to ensure the new cafes have the best locations in Chicagoland. According to Malesh, these will be the first corporate-owned Gong cha stores in the U.S. The company has plans to extend the opportunity to its franchisees in the region. This means more stores can be expected in and around Chicagoland after these four new stores are launched.

New Gong cha Stores in Chicagoland

The first café is located at H Mart, 1295 E. Ogden Ave. in Naperville. This is followed by the second store coming soon in Mid-North District at 2233 N. Lincoln Ave. The third café is coming up at 1139 W. Sheridan Road, close to Loyola University. The fourth store will open at 555 S. State St. in the University Center of Chicago. All these locations are expected to start operating and serving Gong cha’s unique premium tea, bubble tea, and coffee experience before Fall 2023.

Why Gong cha is Unique?

Gong cha was launched in 2006 in Taiwan before it grew worldwide. There are many reasons why its premium tea, bubble tea, and coffee are cherished everywhere. Some reasons why Gong cha’s offerings stand out and draw customers and create fans include:

  • Freshly Brewed Tea: Fresh tea is brewed all day long. The tea prepared at a Gong cha store has a shelf life of no more than 4 hours, after which fresh tea is prepared.
  • Fresh Tapioca Pearls: The tapioca pearls are also freshly prepared throughout the day.
  • Premium Tea Leaves: The tea leaves used in making every cup of Gong cha tea are sourced from the finest tea estates. Similarly, all the other ingredients are carefully selected and must pass strict quality controls.

Variety is another big reason why Gong cha has become such a big hit worldwide and in the U.S. There are over 600 possible drink combinations to choose from. A guest can customize their drink based on the choice of milk and tea, the levels of sugar and ice, and the ingredients and toppings.

As Gong cha expands across Chicagoland, Chicagoans will now be able to enjoy some of the best bubble tea and premium tea. For more information about Gong cha’s expansion or to find the nearest store, you can call +1 630-995-3276 or send a message.

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