Gong cha Chicago Will Open at State St, Chicago This Winter


Bubble tea or boba tea is a drink unlike anything else. It is typically chilled milk tea infused with large tapioca pearls that can be sipped using a straw. They can also be enriched with fruity flavors and are available with a smoothie or slushy base. Bubble tea has become a widely popular drink option, with customization being one of the most common reasons. And Gong cha is one of the flag bearers of this massive popularity.

Recently, the premier global bubble tea brand, Gong cha, announced the launch of its latest store on State St, Chicago. Find out what this well-known brand has to offer in every cup of boba tea that it has to offer and where it is coming up in Chicagoland.

The Popularity of Bubble Tea

Bubble tea usually has a base of black, green, oolong, or earl grey tea. It is further enhanced with a fruity flavor of your choice, such as lychee, mango, strawberry, or peach. You can have complete control over the level of sweetening and ice.

The appeal of bubble tea goes beyond its special taste. The textual experience it offers has its own character. In place of the tapioca pearls, you can further texturize your tea by choosing popping boba, aloe, or other fruity toppings.

Gong cha’s New Store in Chicagoland

Gong cha is a premier bubble tea brand with a global presence. The brand set up its first shop in Taiwan in 2006 and has since grown to have 1800-plus stores worldwide. Its latest store in the United States is coming up at the following address:

  • 555 S State St, Chicago, IL 60605

The announcement was made by the company’s representative. He exclaimed, “We have been on an expansion spree since the day we set up our first shop outside of Taiwan. We have received a staggering response throughout the lifecycle of our brand. As part of that growth story, we are glad to announce the launch of our new store on State St, Chicago. We have many more new store launches lined up in Illinois.”

Why Gong cha is so Popular?

Gong cha has built a reputation for itself in the bubble tea domain. The premium tea brand has been able to stand out from the crowd of all the brands due to its following properties:

  • Its tea masters brew fresh tea all day long. In fact, the shelf life of freshly brewed tea is restricted to just 4 hours to maintain the taste and quality.
  • The pearls are also freshly prepared all day long.
  • All the ingredients have to pass through stringent quality controls. The tea leaves are sourced from the finest tea estates.

A visit to a Gong cha store is a special experience in itself. Every time you visit a shop, you can customize your drink by adjusting factors such as tea variety, sugar levels, ice levels, ingredients, toppings, and flavors.

For more information about Gong cha and its latest store near you, contact us at +1 630-995-3276 or send us a message.

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