Gong cha Dolce Coffee Series Available at Sheridan Rd, Chicago


Variety in terms of ingredients and flavor is perhaps the biggest factor that works in the favor of bubble tea and makes it so popular. There is no other drink like boba. While is a type of premium tea, infused with tapioca pearls, milk foam, and other fruity ingredients of your choice, it has also embraced coffee into its folds. So, it is not a wonder that premium tea brands such as Gong cha include a variety of coffee offerings in their menu. The brand has also recently added a Dolce Coffee series to its Coffee Series.

About Gong cha

Gong cha is a premier bubble tea brand with a global presence. The brand was founded in 2006 in Taiwan with just one store and today offers its premium tea and coffee drinks from its 1800-plus stores. Some of the reasons the brand has made itself stand out from the crowd over the years include:

  • Over 600 possible combinations of drinks
  • Fresh tea being brewed every 4 hours to maintain the utmost freshness
  • Fresh tapioca pearls are prepared every few hours
  • Sourcing the tea from the finest estates in the world

There are many unique traits to the Gong cha culture that make it unique and special.

Gong cha’s New Dolce Coffee Series

As mentioned above, Gong cha offers both bubble tea and coffee options on its menu. Its existing Coffee Latte series offers Milk Coffee, Coffee Milk Tea, and Milk Foam Black Coffee. In its latest announcement, the company has launched its Dolce Coffee series which will be available to clients across its stores in Illinois.

Gong cha’s spokesperson announced, “We take pride in launching our new Dolce Coffee Series. It includes three options for our guests to choose from, including Dolce Milk Coffee with Pearl, Dolce Coffee Smoothie, and Crème Brulee Dolce Coffee.”

The main ingredients of these drinks are as follows:

  • Dolce Milk Coffee with Pearl: Condensed Milk, Black Coffee, Pearls & Plant Creamer Powder
  • Dolce Coffee Smoothie: Condensed Milk, Black Coffee, Milk Foam & Plant Creamer Powder
  • Crème Brulee Dolce Coffee: Condensed Milk, Black Coffee & Crème Brulee Milk Foam

The new Dolce Coffee Series will initially be available at Gong cha’s 1139 W Sheridan Rd, Chicago store.

What Makes Gong cha Unique?

As already indicated, when you visit a Gong cha store in Chicagoland or anywhere else in the world, you can order from over 600 possible combinations of drinks. The store staff allows you to create a custom cup of boba based on your preferences for the following factors:

  • Presence of milk
  • Type of milk
  • Type of tea
  • Sugar level
  • Ice level
  • Ingredients
  • Toppings

Premium Quality Ingredients

The quality of the ingredients used in preparing Gong cha bubble tea and coffee is another important point that has helped the brand succeed. Premium quality tea leaves are sourced from carefully selected tea estates. The tea estates are chosen after they are thoroughly vetted for their entire process of tea production.

Warmth & Happiness in Every Cup

Every guest at Gong cha is treated with utmost respect and dignity. Everyone, including the employees, is treated with warmth. This is part of the brand’s policy that is committed to creating happiness in every cup it serves. So, it is not just the tea or coffee series that makes your visit to a Gong cha store special, the way the brand treats you is also special.

If you want to learn more about Gong cha’s latest Dolce Coffee Series or want to find the nearest store, feel free to contact us at +1 630-995-3276 or write to us.

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