Gong cha introduces Mango Popping Pearls Topping


Bubble tea is cherished for the wide variety of flavors and toppings it is available in. Aloe vera, basil seeds, red beans, jelly in different flavors, white pearls, pudding, and Oreo crumbs are some of the most popular options. Gong cha, a premier bubble tea brand, has announced the release of its special Mango Popping Pearls topping in its stores. The premium tea brand will also be restoring its popular Star Jelly and Thai Tea Latte drinks back to the menu.

About Gong cha

Gong cha is a global premium tea brand with over 1800 locations in different countries. The brand offers both premium tea and coffee series featuring over 600 possible combinations of drinks. With its first store founded in 2006 in Taiwan, Gong cha has grown at a staggering rate due to the large variety of drinks and premium quality that it offers. The brand is driven by the goal to inspire the human spirit and create happiness in every cup it serves and every heart it touches.

New Mango Popping Pearls Topping

Gong cha currently offers around a dozen toppings options to choose from. While mango is offered as a flavor for its Slush and Creative Series of bubble tea, the fruity ingredient was not yet available as a topping. That has changed with the latest announcement made by the company spokesperson. Speaking of the new offerings, the spokesperson said, “We take pride in bringing a new topping to our customers. The new Mango Popping Pearls topping will be available to our guests across our stores.”

“Innovation and creativity are a part of the story at Gong cha. We can never stop innovating. This means that every time you visit one of our stores, you are bound to find something new in our menu – a new flavor, topping, a new seasonal offering, or a completely new drink,” the spokesperson further added.

Gong cha’s Value Proposition

Gong cha has built its market reputation over the years through its offering of premium quality products, integrity, quality customer service, and innovation. Only premium quality ingredients are used in making Gong cha products. Tea leaves and all the other ingredients are selected from the finest suppliers. For example, tea leaves are sourced from the best tea estates in the world. The tea estates are selected after careful evaluation of their entire process of tea production. Every step in the process is assessed, including:

  • Cultivation
  • Selection
  • Drying
  • Fermentation
  • Purification

Coming down to tea preparation, the highest level of craftsmanship is followed keeping in mind the traditional methods of bubble tea preparation. Gong cha chefs follow precise standards and recipes, which brings consistency to the experience across all the stores.

With the new Mango Popping Pearls topping, Gong cha has further expanded its menu. Guests can also find new seasonal offerings on the menu as Halloween approaches. For more information about the latest offerings, product menu, and the nearest location, it is recommended to contact us at inquiries@gongchausa.com. You can also write to us by filling out this Online Form.


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