Gong Cha Launches New Coffee Series in the Fall

Every time you visit a coffee shop, you must have imagined if you could try something new. A new flavor and special toppings and ingredients can add to the experience.  That is the kind of experience you can expect at a Gong cha café near you. Gong cha, a premier beverage franchise specializing in freshly prepared bubble tea, premium tea, and coffee has recently added new coffee delights to its Coffee Series. The announcement was made by the brand’s President, Anchal Lamba.

Gong Cha & Its Milk Foam Legacy

Gong cha is a globally reputed beverage brand with over 1800 cafes in 20 nations. It has hundreds of cafes in the U.S. and the numbers continue to grow at a staggering rate. Gong cha has a global reputation for its signature Milk Foam. With the addition of the new flavors to its Coffee Series, the brand has taken its Milk Foam experience to the next level.

Gong cha’s Milk Foam is cherished for its creamy and whipped texture and combination of sweet and savory flavors. This signature Milk Foam makes the brand’s freshly brewed teas and coffees more special. “We hand-craft customized milk foam for every customer, using only fresh milk and high-quality ingredients,” claimed Gong cha’s spokesperson.

Gong cha’s Coffee Series

“At Gong cha, we specialize in not just the most elaborate bubble tea experience, but we also offer some of the finest coffee our guests can enjoy anywhere,” claims the brand’s spokesperson. Currently, the Coffee Series includes Milk Coffee, Coffee Milk Tea, and Milk Foam Black Coffee. There are certain customization options available with milk and sugar levels.

“We are proud to add new flavors and ingredients to our Coffee Series and enhance our guests’ experience at our cafes,” the President said. The new coffee flavors added to the Series include:

  • Dolce Milk Coffee with Pearl: Black coffee mixed with condensed milk, topped with the all-time-favorite Pearl
  • Dolce Coffee Smoothie: Black coffee mixed with condensed milk, topped with Gong cha’s signature Milk Foam, Oreo crumbs, and the Pearl
  • Crème Brulee Dolce Coffee: Black coffee mixed with condensed milk, topped with the handcrafted Crème Brulee Milk Foam

Gong cha’s Values

It is not just Gong cha’s menu that makes it special. The overall experience in their café is unique, making the guests feel valued. All the ingredients used in preparing the coffee and teas are sourced in a way to meet the highest standards. Gong cha has special tea and coffee masters who have years of experience in producing amazing beverages adhering to the highest levels of craftsmanship. Standard recipe procedures are followed across Gong cha cafes across regions to ensure consistency.

Every guest is greeted with utmost warmth and sincerity. The Gong cha team is driven by the mission to create happiness in every cup of coffee or tea served. This is why all guests and staff members are treated with dignity and respect. For more information about Gong cha’s latest coffee and tea offerings or to find the nearest café, feel free to contact inquiries@gongchausa.com or write to us.

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