Gong cha Launches New Store at 555 S State St, Chicago, IL 60605


Bubble tea is a widely popular drink for a number of reasons. You can choose a flavor, topping, sugar level, milk or tea variety, and ice level that perfectly suits your tastebuds. You can have hundreds of combinations of drinks created to your preferences. And with brands such as Gong cha, you can drink an entirely different variation of bubble tea every day for more than 600 days. There is no other drink that offers so much variety.

Gong cha is a premier bubble tea brand with a global presence. It has over 1800 stores worldwide and is on an expansion spree in the United States. Chicagoland is one of the areas that are at the center of all this attention. The brand has identified the massive demand for bubble tea and has already launched a number of stores in this region and has many more planned for the near future.

Gong cha’s New Store on South State Street

Gong cha has launched its latest store at 555 S State St, Chicago, IL 60605. The announcement was made by Gong cha’s regional director, “As part of our plan to expand and meet the ever-growing demand for bubble tea, we are yet again launching our new store in Chicago. Our latest store has come up at 555, South State Street. The new shop is coming up on one of the main streets in Chicago’s south suburbs.”

“We have many more stores planned for Chicagoland,” he further added.

What is So Special About Gong cha?

Gong cha is a leading premium tea brand with a presence across 20 countries, including the United States. In the words of the company spokesperson, “Our first store was launched in Taiwan in 2006. Since then, our successful products and business model have helped us grow to 1800 locations worldwide.”

A visit to a Gong cha store means customers can enjoy up to 600 possible combinations of drinks. Guests can customize their drink based on the following factors:

  • Tea variety
  • Milk type
  • Sugar levels
  • Ice levels
  • Flavors
  • Toppings

This means that every guest can enjoy a unique cup of bubble tea that is entirely different from whatever other guests are drinking in the shop at a given time.

The Promise of Premium Quality & Superior Experience

There are many more principles behind Gong cha that make it special:

  • Quality Ingredients: Only premium quality tea leaves and ingredients are used in the preparation of Gong cha drinks. When it comes to the selection of tea estates, each step in the tea production process is vetted.
  • Customer Treatment: Every customer is treated with warmth and sincerity at a Gong cha shop. The brand follows its mission of creating happiness in every cup it serves and every heart it touches. Both the customers and in-house staff get the same level of dignity and respect.
  • Consistency in Experience: There are standard preparation processes in place for Gong cha recipes. They are followed precisely across all the shops to bring consistency to the experience that customers enjoy.

There are many more reasons why Gong cha is so popular and its new stores in Chicagoland are welcomed with so much enthusiasm. For more information about our brand, nearest store, and menu, feel free to contact us at +1 630-995-3276 or send us a message at inquiries@gongchaillinois.com.

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