Gong Cha Launches Pineapple Delight Drink in Summer 2022

Variety and versatility are among the greatest unique selling points of bubble tea. It is available in all kinds of flavors and then there are dozens of toppings like aloe vera, jelly in many flavors, Oreo crumbs, red bean, and basil seeds among others. Gong cha, an international bubble tea brand that also offers premium tea and coffee, has added a new summer flavor to its portfolio – Pineapple Delight. The next time you hit a Gong cha store near you with your friends, you can check out this new flavor along with all the dozens of other options which are already available.

Gong cha – The Epitome of Bubble Tea Experience

Gong cha is a global beverage franchise and offers freshly prepared bubble tea, premium tea, and coffee. The brand was founded in Taiwan in 2006 and has today over 1800 cafes across the world. This includes over 150 locations across the U.S. with new ones being added every few months.

At Gong cha, our guests can explore more than 600 possible combinations of bubble tea. This means that every time you visit our café you can enjoy a completely new experience of bubble tea. You can alter the bubble tea experience by making changes to the following factors:

  • Flavors & ingredients
  • Type of tea
  • Type of milk
  • Sugar level
  • Ice level
  • Toppings

The announcement was made by Gong cha’s President, “Innovation is at the core of our business. In keeping with our tradition, we have launched a new Pineapple Delight Series and further expanded our portfolio.”

The new series of pineapple flavor has been added this summer and includes the following options for guests:

  • Pineapple Mango Green Tea
  • Milk Foam Pineapple Green Tea with Coconut Jelly
  • Pina Colada Crush

As the temperatures rise, icy bubble tea can be just the perfect summer relief for everyone.

Popular Bubble Tea Series from Gong cha

At Gong cha, we offer the Milk Foam Series, Milk Tea Series, Slush Series, Creative Series, and Tea Latte Series that cover all our bubble tea and premium tea offerings. You can also choose our Coffee Series which comes with the option of a wide range of flavors and toppings. You can choose black tea, green tea, oolong tea, and earl grey tea for your choice of tea variety.

Our original teas are made of the finest tea leaves brewed to perfection. We use tea leaves in our bubble tea and premium tea and they are sourced from the best tea estates from around the world. Our signature black tea is known for its rich flavor, oolong tea for its warm and alluring effects, and green tea and earl grey tea for their aroma. Every time you enjoy a cup of Gong cha Pineapple Delight Series or any other flavor, you should know that our tea is brewed fresh with a shelf life of no more than 4 hours. Similarly, our tapioca pearls are also freshly prepared with a very short shelf life.

For more information about our new bubble tea flavors and to find a Gong cha store nearest to you, feel free to contact us.25-w

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