Gong cha Opens 3 New Bubble Tea Stores in Texas This Fall

The unique sweet taste of bubble tea and the texture of chewy tapioca pearls create the unique experience that has made this drink so popular worldwide. The pearls provide a kind of break from the normal consistency of tea. Besides, the addition of various types of ingredients and toppings further added to the overall experience. Gong cha, a premier bubble tea brand, is at the forefront of innovation in this domain, offering over 600 possible combinations of drinks.

Gong cha’s President, Anchal Lamba, has recently announced the opening of its three new stores in Texas. These new launches are part of the brand’s expansion during the Fall.

Where Does Gong cha Stand in the World of Bubble Tea?

Gong cha is a global beverage franchise that offers premium tea and coffee and stands out for its bubble tea offerings. The first Gong cha store was founded in 2006 in Taiwan. Today, the successful franchise model has helped it to reach 1800 locations in 20 nations, including the United States.

There are hundreds of Gong cha cafes in the U.S. and it is adding new stores almost every new season. This Fall, the brand is launching three more stores in Texas, which is an addition to its existing dozen-plus stores.

New Gong cha Stores in Texas

The announcement was made by Gong cha’s President, Anchal Lamba. She exclaimed, “Evolution is a part of the story at Gong cha. Without evolution and innovation, we wouldn’t be where we are today. As part of this tradition, we are proud to bring our customers in Texas three more cafes offering the richness, variety, and taste that we have come to be recognized with over the past two decades.”

The three new Texas bubble tea cafes are coming up at the following addresses:

  • 9410 TX-151 Suite 105, San Antonio, TX 78251
  • 1930 Pearland Parkway Suite 178, Pearland, TX 77581
  • 12647 Tomball Parkway #300, Houston, TX 77086

Why Gong cha Bubble Tea is So Popular?

Gong cha has a staggering number of cafes located worldwide. There are many reasons why its bubble tea is so popular. Some of the most important ones are as follows:

  • Guests are always served freshly brewed tea. At a Gong cha store, the tea has a shelf-life of just 4 hours and no more.
  • The tapioca pearls are also freshly prepared all day long. The pearls are prepared to a specific consistency and chewiness that stays consistent across all Gong cha stores.
  • Tea is sourced from the finest tea estates from around the world.
  • All the ingredients undergo stringent quality controls.

Every cup of Gong cha is custom prepared. “At Gong cha, we are driven by the goal to create happiness in every cup of tea or coffee that we serve. We strive to create happiness in every heart that we touch,” claims the brand’s spokesperson.

It is not surprising that Gong cha has a strong commitment to this motto. Not only are their guests treated with utmost respect and care, but even the brand’s staff members are highly valued and treated with dignity. If you want to locate the nearest Gong cha store to you, feel free to contact us at inquiries@gongchausa.com or write to us.

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