Good girls

Lovesiq is a project inspired by the close circle, raising questions to which it is difficult to find an answer, such as:


What is sex? Why do we need it?


What is love? And why do we need it? Or maybe not everyone needs it?


How to talk to your partner about sex? And why is it necessary?


We will help you answer these and similar questions in our relationship guide.

good girls

When people hear the term “healthy relationship”, they often ask – what does it mean? What is “healthy”? What is already considered “unhealthy”? A healthy relationship is usually considered to be one that brings happiness and satisfaction to both parties. Are you saying that all couples have them? According to research conducted in the USA, only 10% of marriages are healthy and happy. This means that only one in ten married couples look at their significant other the way they did at the beginning of the relationship. These couples are passionate, so handcuffs and other sexy accessories are still found in their bedrooms, and small thank-you gifts are a daily occurrence. Let’s take a closer look at these relationships and find out how to create them ourselves.

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