Good Qualities of a Vehicle Shifting Company in Bangalore

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In India, the service sector industries are flourishing at rapid pace. Vehicle Shifting Companies, one of the most promising and upcoming service industries of our country, is too expanding at swift pace. If you have plans to shift your vehicle from one state to another then you must be finding a suitable service provider in your vicinity. As many of customers are not aware of this section of service industry, it’s important that they should be acquainted with positive features and traits of a suitable or ideal vehicle shifting company. Bangalore, IT city of India, is one of the progressive cities of India and so there are big probabilities that there will be many vehicles shifting there.

We will elaborate some good qualities of an ideal Vehicle Shifting, which should be surveyed, analyzed and checked, before hiring them.

  1. IBA Approved Transport Company

It is always advisable to approach a genuine shifting company which should be certified and authentic in all ways. The hired Vehicle Shifting Company should be IBA (India Bank’s Association) approved which not only ensures safety of delivery of your vehicle but will also update you about your shipment. These companies have their official websites and have sound professional background, which can be cross analyzed on internet. As they are trustworthy service providers, they have nationwide network, where it becomes easier for you to trace your vehicle.

  1. Reliable Insurance Facilities

During the transit, there are few probabilities of damages or losses, which will be hassle-free reimbursed by IBA, approved transport companies. It’s a great feature of a genuine shifting company which comes at a nominal price. The customers are supposed to read and understand policy documents properly.

  1. Using Different Car Carriers

As per your budget, the Bike Shifting companies Bangalore will offer two options – open and closed air carriers, for moving your vehicle from one place to another.  The closed carrier is expensive one as it protects your vehicle from all types of weather, dust, germ, insects etc. The shifting companies’ employs well trained truckers who understand the value of the cargo. The cars and bikes are efficiently strapped and packed properly in the carrier so that they don’t get affected by any type of jerks or vibrations. Against all odds, the open air carriers are in large demand as they are cheaper and deliver your vehicle at earliest.

  1. Provides Free Transportation Quotes

Every genuine vehicle shifting has to be transparent in their pricing. Therefore, they provide exclusive transportation quote which include car/bike shifting charges, delivery charges, packing charges, miscellaneous charges (if any) etc. for customer’s benefit and convenience. The transportation charges vary from place to place and prices will also vary. Every company quotes their best possible prices to attract large number of customers.  After comparing price quotes from various companies, customers can make quick and wise decision.

  1. Inspection of Vehicle before packing

If you have hired genuine shifting company then they will send their representative to your place to inspect your vehicle. The representative will properly check the interiors and exteriors of your vehicle. It’s important that you should discuss vital details about your vehicle. If there is any type of fuel leakage or gas leakage or damages, then it should be properly reported to the company. The customers should take handful pictures of his vehicle before the packing process.

  1. Collects Important Documents from You

As you are entering into a legal contract of vehicle shifting process, the shifting company is supposed to collect important documents from you. The documents are registration certificate, insurance policy, No Objection Certificate, license etc.

  1. Availability on all media circuits

Every certified and genuine vehicle shifting company will promote their services on all media circuits. While doing internet search, you will many reputed and authentic companies with their details and information on their official websites. It will be easier for you to connect with them as they are just a click away.

The service charges of a professional Vehicle Shifting Company in Bangalore range from15000 rs. To 40000 rs. Depending on the nature, type and dimensions of vehicle to be shifted.

A good service provider not only delivers good services but also delivers you stress free feeling.

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