Good Reasons to Opt For a Deep Tissue Massage Treatment

Simply put – deep tissue massages is like any other relaxation massage; expect here the pressure applied is deeper with the main focus is releasing chronic muscle tension.

The deep tissue masseur/masseuse focuses on working on the deepest layer of the muscle tissue, its fascia and tendons which mainly consists of protective layers right around the muscles, joints and bones!


Explaining further

Whenever the muscles get injured or tense; bands of painful stiff tissues occur and are known as knots and adhesions. They result in the following –

  • Increase in pain
  • Restriction in movement
  • Reduction in circulation
  • Inflammation

What Happens During A Deep Tissue Massage?

At the time of your deep tissue massage, the concerned masseur/masseuse breaks down these adhesions to eliminate pain and support proper movement. The session is conducted either with or without massaging oil and with proper application of deep massaging pressure.

To achieve maximum enjoyment; the wise course of action for you would be to stay relaxed during the deep tissue massage. Doing so will only allow the masseur/masseuse to properly reach deeper layers of your muscles and yield more comfort and relief.

What about the Pain Factor?

While it is true that deep tissue massage treatment will rarely cause pain and discomfort; if your muscles are stiff or sore or if the existing pressure level exceeds your pain threshold, then you may experience some degree of discomfort. Due to this it can also make you tense up and thus make it rather difficult for the therapist to work on their deep muscle layers.

However, if you do feel the pressure to be a bit intense for your liking, then convey it to the concerning masseur/masseuse!

Worthy Reasons to Take a Deep Tissue Thai Massage in Glenroy

  • Opting for a deep tissue Thai massage in Glenroy will make you feel relaxed and keeps your muscle less stressed. That leads to an improvement in your range of movements while performing different exercises. What’s more; the results of this unique massage treatment is it works very well in building muscles and in burning down calories.
  • A deep tissue massage helps you stay in a relaxed state of mind. Some studies even reveal that this massage helps lower hormone stress as well as boost those feel-good neurotransmitters such as dopamine, endorphins and even serotonin.
  • Treating yourself to a recuperative deep tissue massage will allow you to sleep better
  • Opting for a deep tissue massage does benefit the overall muscle and tissue health too. It aptly contributes to positively affecting your overall health and well-being by reducing blood pressure and improving lung function
  • Most importantly, going for a deep tissue massage helps reduce pain sensations occurring from knots, connective tissues and overworked muscles. It also helps eliminate muscle ache and chronic joint pain. Furthermore, a proper deep tissue massage even helps promote quicker and better healing by improving blood circulation and reducing inflammation!

Final Say

FYI – deep tissue massage price in Glenroy isn’t too high. Rather they are very reasonable for anyone to go for it.

For best results, the wise course of action would be schedule a visit in every 2 weeks and take up a 75-90 minute massage. That will help you stay loose, pain-free and be fit to conquer your next challenge!

The author runs Thai massage parlor in Glenroy and offers a wide variety of treatments like deep tissue massage, aroma oil massage, warm coconut massage, combination massage and so on to people all over the region. The author also loves to travel, cook delicious meals and actively blog on his provided services across the region. This blog is a case in point!

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