Google Assures Better Network Security and Connections on Project Fi

Google has assured a new and better network security with fast connections on its Project Fi MVNO. The MVNO, an abbreviation for Mobile Virtual Network Operator, will be offering the services like calling, messaging and switching between data services, such as Wi-Fi and Cellular Networks of U.S Cellular, T-Mobile and Sprint, will be a lot easier.

The Company has revealed that it will be extending its Project Fi VPN (Virtual Private Network) to every connection so that the users can take advantages of the increased security and enhanced privacy while using data. The smartly improved network will also provide the opportunity to get a faster connection by switching between wireless and cellular.

Google Assures Better Network Security and Connections on Project Fi

Independent of the location, Google will work to provide the opportunity to access the fastest network with encrypted Wi-Fi networks. This encrypted network will be sent through the  Project Fi VPN on every network to which a user connects. The additional exciting fact of the whole security concerns is that the carriers like T-Mobile, U.S Cellular and Sprint will not be able to see or record any online activity of the user.

Also, the Project Fi user’s online activity will be invisible for Google itself because the VPN is developed to keep the traffic untied to the Google Account. Google revealed that when a user activates the enhanced network, the mobile and Wi-Fi traffic will be encrypted. The traffic further will be sent through VPN on every network, hence disabling others to record or view the online activity.

According to the company, the Project Fi will automatically detect if the Wi-Fi connection is unusable and the enhanced network will work with cellular data. This new and more developed network will be released later in this week to every Android Pie phone compatible with Fi, but the company instructs users to activate it from Fi Network Tools in the Project Fi app.


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